Friday, March 14, 2008

UNC's Williams hot enough to remove jacket

With 2 minutes, 20 seconds left in the first half Friday afternoon, North Carolina coach Roy Williams took off his suit jacket.

Tar Heel forward Danny Green had missed consecutive shots, and a foul could have been called on either one. Instead, a foul was called on Green after Uche Echefu rebounded.

It’s reputed that in the ACC, North Carolina and Duke get all the calls. But in the first half on the first quarterfinal, Florida State was called for five fouls to North Carolina’s 10.

From early in the game, Williams was urging the referees to make the same calls for North Carolina that they were giving to Florida State. Williams was hot.

The jacket was laid across his chair. At Bobcats Arena, where about half the crowd was Carolina blue, there were boos. After a lackluster day of first-round games Thursday, the ACC tournament was starting to heat up.

– Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Since when has Roy Williams cared about the ACC tournament?

Roy Williams said...

I don't give a Sh!t about Kansas right now

Anonymous said...

No post about the refs rewarding Hansbrough's bull in the china shop routine in the second half? Your blue is showing Ken......

Anonymous said...

Someone call a whambulance. UNC and Duke have gotten a pretty good deal officiating wise since the ACC was formed.