Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bobcats Arena: 95 percent UNC fans

Charlotte may as well be Chapel Hill. Bobcats Arena is about 95 percent packed with UNC fans and is getting really loud here midway through the first half now that the Tar Heels are playing better. Make no mistake about it, this is an away game for Louisville. If Rick Pitino is honest, he'll tell you it's not fair. He doesn't look very happy right now. His Cards are down 27-17.

-- When UNC's Marcus Ginyard wasn't able to quickly pick up a loose ball near midcourt, it not only cost him a possible breakaway dunk, it also led to am embarassing moment for teammate Wayne Ellington. Ginyard passed to Ellington, who soared high for looked like a sure layup -- until Louisville's Terrence Williams came flying through the air and swatted it out of bounds.

Williams is quite a player. He's continuing the show he put on Thursday night against Tennessee. He's a good outside shooter, is an excellent passer and has some serious hops.

-- Charles Chandler