Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lawson still not in rhythm

Ty Lawson still can’t push off his left ankle the way he’d like.
During North Carolina’s 90-77 defeat of Florida State on Tuesday night, he also spent extra time in the training room dealing with a hip pointer suffered during the game.
But he said after being out for almost four weeks, he’s tired of missing games, so he played through the pain against Florida State.
On Feb. 6, he watched in disappointment with the sprained ankle as North Carolina lost 89-78 to Duke. He said Tuesday night that he’s looking forward to playing at Duke on Saturday night in the teams’ regular-season finale.
"I hate losing, especially to Duke," Lawson said. "... Playing against them, for the ACC title, it’s at their place, their senior night. So we want to ruin that."
Lawson said he still isn’t in rhythm with his teammates after playing two games since returning from his ankle injury. He said he used to know almost instinctively where shooting guard Wayne Ellington would be on the court, but can’t get him the ball as easily anymore.
Instead of taking the ball to the basket, Lawson is pulling back for jump shots.
"The last few weeks when he’s been out, he hasn’t been able to do anything but shoot," teammate Danny Green explained.
Though Lawson’s familiar label as college basketball’s fastest point guard might not be accurate until he’s back at full strength, he’s finding other ways to score. He shot 4-for-6 from the field Tuesday, with all 10 points coming on jump shots.
"I don’t think I can jump as high as I used to," Lawson said. "... and holes I could normally get through, I can’t get through. So I take my time."
-- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Dook 89, Holes 78.

Anonymous said...

From you guys a few weeks ago:

"It’s true that Gerald Henderson’s wrist injury has prevented him from scoring on drives the way he ordinarily does. But Duke is hardly the only team suffering from a debilitating injury."

Funny that there is no mention of Henderson in the sympathetic Lawson article. Exactly how many of you writers graduated from Chapel Hill?

Duke 89, Heels 78.

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