Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tar Heels and I take a back seat

Walking into the RBC Center in front of me Sunday afternoon was Pat Riley, the world’s only celebrity scout. He looked happy. Hey, why wouldn’t he be? He doesn’t have to watch the team he coaches, the Miami Heat.

Walking out past me was Patrick Ewing, who used to play for Riley. Ewing came to watch his son, who plays for Georgetown. Remember the glare he used to have as a player? It was back.

Between Riley and Ewing, we in the RBC Center were treated to Davidson’s dramatic and thrilling victory. My seat was behind the Georgetown bench. I know you think the media gets great seats, but this one was terrible, especially when 7-foot-2 Roy Hibbert was in the game. Fortunately, when the game was at its most dramatic, the Hoyas had few reasons to stand and cheer.

The North Carolina fans embraced the Wildcats in the main event and the Davidson fans reciprocated, cheering for the Tar Heels. How often is North Carolina the lesser game of any twin bill in this state? As scintillating as the Tar Heels were against Arkansas, they were not the main attraction.

Several reporters, who came to write about North Carolina, didn't even watch the first half of the Davidson game but abandoned the Tar Heels and wrote about their beloved Wildcats.

-- Tom Sorensen