Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EA Sports: Davidson to Elite Eight

Davidson last reached the Elite Eight back in the 1960s under Lefty Driesell, but the Wildcats will do it again this year.

At least that's the prediction of EA Sports, in its simulation of the NCAA tournament using its March Madness 08 video game for Xbox 360.

According to the simulation, Davidson defeats Gonzaga 73-71, then edges Georgetown 67-65. The Wildcats then beat Wisconsin 67-63 in the Sweet 16, before losing to Kansas 71-62.

The simulation predicts UCLA will beat Tennessee 82-78 in the national championship game.

-- Kevin Cary


Anonymous said...

If Davidson reaches the Elite 8, then I'm going to play golf on the moon. They'll be lucky to get past the first round.

Anonymous said...

then steph goes to the league bc he'd have to be going to get his in order for all of those wins to occur

Anonymous said...

We may be more likely to play golf on the moon, but it would be a great story if it happened.

Anonymous said...

Time to get those golf clubs out...go Cats!!

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about the first commenter. To stay financially solvent with a serious golf habit is hard enough, but space tourism isn't cheap!

Good luck buddy! How's the Haterade?