Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hansbrough held in check in 1st half

North Carolina assistant coach Joe Holladay should be seeing stars at halftime of the ACC final.

While chasing a ball out of bounds at the bench, Tar Heel center Tyler Hansbrough accidentally steamrolled over Holladay, the assistant who coaches North Carolina’s big men in practice.

Holladay is OK, but he wouldn’t be human if he weren’t dazed for a moment.

Hansbrough has yet to make a big impact on the game at halftime, as Clemson leads 39-38.

Clemson fans have long held that they would have won earlier in this season in Chapel Hill if the referees wouldn’t have called the game so tightly in the post so that Tiger center Trevor Booker got into foul trouble.

This time, Clemson is getting its wish. Booker has one foul at halftime, and Hansbrough has been held to six points. You know Hansbrough will come out fired up in the second half, but so far Charlotte’s K.C. Rivers has been the player of the game in his hometown for Clemson.

He has 15 points, including three 3-pointers, in what’s turned into a wing scoring duel with North Carolina’s Wayne Ellington (14 points).

– Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Funny how Tysiac is happy to blog about Heels when they aren't playing especially well, but where is he when they win? I've been waiting for this blog to be updated since the tournament ended about 8 hours ago and nothing.

Anonymous said...

When it takes two guys to cover Hansbrough, it usually means somebody else (Ellington) is free to score those points to win a game! Isn't THAT the name of the "win"?? Tyler didn't do too shabby in the second half either. Yea, I'm still waiting for the update from this blogger too!

Anonymous said...

Tysiac's bias against Carolina shows again. The game is two halves,not one and Carolina won for the 17th ACC title. Since he covered Clemson for eight years and went to Notre Dame, it's obvious he doesn't know or appreciate basketball excellance.That's Carolina!!