Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tyler won't donate this memento

DETROIT — Over the years, North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough has donated scores of his national trophies to the school's basketball museum. But after the Tar Heels blew out Michigan State 89-72 to win the NCAA title Monday night, he said he finally found one thing he wants to keep.

"This net — I'm not going to give them this net,'' he said, referring to the freshly-cut rope around his neck. "I'll hide it."

Hansbrough finished with 18 points and seven rebounds, and was a member of the all-tournament team. As another reward, the notoriously-dedicated workout maestro didn't plan to go anywhere near a gym on Tuesday.

"I'm giving myself a week off,'' he said, grinning ear to ear.

-- Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

Pack your bags for Europe Tyler

Anonymous said...

Crush dem Haters Tyler...just like we did last night. I'm not talking about Mich St. They did a good job making it to the final.

I'm talking about Dook fans, Tyler haters, etc. Tyler will do fine in the NBA. He is better than half the talent we got now. I mean Greg Oden? And all the other over-hyped busts? Tyler just plays basic ball, no hype, but of course no love comes w/no hype.


2008-2009 National Champions

Anonymous said...

"Pack your bags for Europe."

The kid just played a good game and had one of the greatest days of his life and this is what you have to say. Must be a miserable life you live.

Cliff said...

Actually Europe would be a nice trip to take. Especially on the signing money that Hansbrough will get. And, the fact is, what he does in the NBA is irrelevant--he is an inspiration to many for his dedication, his hard work, his great team attitude and the fact that he was one of the keys to the best Carolina team ever. And best Carolina team ever is saying alot and I've been watching them closely since 1970 when I was 10 years old. No debate, Worthy and Jordan were great and George Lynch and Donald Williams weren't bad but this was a waltz through the tournament unlike any seen before.

libs said...

Tyler has been a role model for kids since day one at UNC. He certainly is to be commended for his boyish antics and his desire to play better and better. He put in hours and hours of practice on free throws because he didn't feel he was good enough. Thanks, Tyler. We'll miss you.

Tarheel Paul said...

If JJ Reddick is in the NBA, Tyler will do just fine. You DOOK fans just need to get over it, your day has passed.

Anonymous said...

The real good ones on the next level always leave College early with the exception of Tim Duncan. Tyler Hansbrough will be as good or better than Christian Laettner & JJ Redick.....

Anonymous said...

Tyler better than Laettner? OK, let's see Tyler play 13 years in the NBA (starting 10 of those years), play in an All-Star game, and win a gold medal in the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, JChill's Greece team has got a spot on the bench they'll warm up for you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28pm said "Laettner starting 10 of those years" Were you watching the NBA in a parallel Universe?

Anonymous said...

No, moron. I'm living on Earth.

Laettner NBA games started:

92-93: 81
93-94: 67
94-95: 80
95-96: 71
96-97: 82
97-98: 50
99-00: 82
00-01: 49
01-02: 48
02-03: 66

I count 10. Owned, b*tch. Let's see Hans start twice next year.

Tarheel Paul said...

OK, Laettner lover, answer this question ?
When is the last time a Dukie started in a NBA championship game ?

Tyler will be fine and Laettner was no allstar.

Remember, Dukies, your time has passed.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm check the 96-97 All-Star roster, bud. Laettner was on it and played.

Just statin' the facts.