Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dean Smith: 'That was sensational'

Former North Carolina coach Dean Smith didn’t make the trip to Detroit, but he liked what he saw the Tar Heels do from afar Monday night.

“That was sensational, a good start and a good ending,’’ said an excited Smith, who watched the national championship game on television from his home in Chapel Hill.

“It was the national championship. Tyler [Hansbrough], he was jumping up and down. That’s why they [several key players] came back.”

In a post-game interview on CBS, Tar Heel coach Roy Williams sent a message to Smith, who also won two national titles before retiring.

“I hope you are watching, hope you are enjoying this moment,’’ Williams said to his legendry mentor and former boss.

Smith might not have joined the celebrating crowd on Frankilin Street, but he enjoyed seeing the Tar Heels claim its fifth NCAA title.

-- A.J. Carr


Anonymous said...

Go'Heels! You CRUSHED dem Haters! Nice try Mich St...just wasnt your time.

Anonymous said...

The winning tradition continues!!! Go Carolina! Go 'Heels!

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panfan1 said...

Only their 5th title!! Wow! How impressive! Let's see. Break down the all the All American high school players that have gotten compared to titles. They stink it up in this category!Throw all the other stats & records away! The only one that matters is the big one & compared they have very few for the players they get each year!

James said...

And how many titles for the Dookies? Ok I understand coach K does not know how to recruit outside of NJ; but come on, Dook suxxxxx

buck said...

from an old tar heel this was the best ever. buck

MichaelProcton said...

Duke All-Americans since 1999:
Trajan Langdon-Alaska
Elton Brand-New York
Chris Carrawell-Missouri
Shane Battier-Michigan
Jason Williams-New Jersey
Carlos Boozer-Alaska
Mike Dunleavy-Oregon
Chris Duhon-Louisiana
JJ Redick-Virginia
Shelden Williams-Oklahoma
DeMarcus Nelson-California
Gerald Henderson-Pennsylvania

Good call, though, chief. Don't ever let facts get in the way of your argument.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so maybe the Heels should have more titles by now. I'll admit that they have had some choke jobs over the last 20 years or so...However, in the last 20 years, Duke has had just as many McDonald's All-Americans as UNC. If you want to beat up the Heels for lack of titles, then let's talk about Dook and their choke jobs/lack of titles. Let's see, we have the 1998 collapse against Kentucky...1999 choke job against Uconn...2002 choke job against a weak Indiana team...2004 choke job against Uconn in the final minute...2006 choke job against LSU...Do I need to go on?

Anonymous said...

K 3 and counting
Dean 2

Anonymous said...

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