Thursday, April 2, 2009

N.C. State snubbed in Detroit

DETROIT - N.C. State isn't here at the Final Four, but still the Wolfpack can't catch a break.

The Renaissance Center downtown is a huge, sparkling complex of skyscrapers that includes General Motors headquarters and the Marriott that's the official media hotel of the Final Four.

There are banners hanging from the rafters out in the spacious lobby recognizing schools and their NCAA titles. The Carolina blue banner for North Carolina correctly lists 1957, 1982, 1993 and 2005 as years the Tar Heels won. The Duke banner lists 1991, 1992 and 2001 for the Blue Devils, again correctly.

N.C. State's banner lists just one title, 1974.

The Wolfpack also won the NCAA championship in 1983 under coach Jim Valvano in one of the most memorable runs through the tournament ever by an underdog.

There was company for N.C. State in its misery. Louisville's 1980 title is listed, but its 1986 championship is not. UCLA won 11 titles, but only six are listed.

But that's small consolation when the results of one of the greatest finishes in NCAA history is missing from N.C. State's banner. - Caulton Tudor and Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

With as much revenue as is generated by the student-athletes of the member institutions, that wholly support the NCAA, you would think that organization capable of properly recognizing the resulting efforts of all the participants. The "NCAA", there has to be an anacronysm that trully conveys the personification of an entity that exists solely off the effort of our sons and daughters and their mentors. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

How about AREA, or Arbitrary Rule Enforcement Association. I think that speaks most appropriately about the role of the body in this day and age. They dare not knock any of their money makers just for breaking a few (or several) rules.

Anonymous said...

Look at the other side of the banners you moron (yes, I'm here in the D also). The remaining titles are on the flip side. DUHHHHH!!!!!