Thursday, April 2, 2009

Detroit hails the Spartans

DETROIT – A giant green sign with a Spartans emblem on the Wayne County office building in downtown Detroit welcomes Michigan State to the Final Four in huge lettering.

In much smaller print, the sign mentions the other three Final Four participants – North Carolina, Connecticut and Villanova. There’s no doubt who’s the favorite in this town with the NCAA semifinals approaching Saturday.

Michigan State’s players are embracing their status as champions of a city that’s down on its luck with the auto industry struggling.

“We definitely can be an inspiration,” said Michigan State sophomore guard Durell Summers. “Guys can look at us and see what hard work can do or what being the underdog and not giving up can do.” - Ken Tysiac


FUNC said...

who cares, i want to know more about what the tarheels are doing every minute while they are there.