Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tar Heels expect to see green

DETROIT — North Carolina's players didn't get to see the crowd for the early NCAA semifinal game Saturday, during which Michigan State beat Connecticut.

But they're sure it was mostly green (and it was) — just like it will be for Monday's championship game. And they're not particularly worried.

"Driving around the city in our bus, just looking out, you see a lot of Michigan State shirts everywhere, a lot of tailgate parties and things like that,'' point guard Ty Lawson said. "So I'm expecting probably 80 percent of the crowd is going to be Michigan State [fans].

"[But] play well on the road."

Indeed, UNC has lost only two true road games and two neutral site games the last two seasons. In December, it beat the Spartans by 35 points here at Ford Field.

"[The homecourt advantage] doesn't mean anything because those fans are not going to come down and shoot the basketball,'' forward Deon Thompson said. "The fans are going to be cheering, but once you're in the game you really don't pay attention to them."

— Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

Too bad that craps game was a distraction. Otherwise, this would have been a 30 point win.

momo said...

Oh brother! Give it a rest!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the first time in 42 years of following my tar heels that I feel really confident. after we win, what are the UNC-haters going to say now? All were Roy's players, we did it without our best defensive player(marcus ginyard..and we still have won every tourney game by double-digits despite not even playing our best ball these last 2 games.

Brendan said...

Are the Spartans 35 points better than they were in December? I can't see how. The Heels are definitely better.

I expect the Heels to open up that trademark tournament 8-12 point lead early in the first half, extend it early in the 2nd half and coast to victory.

Cliff said...

Credit Tom Izzo with putting his team in a position to win. Heels should take it as they are playing their best ball of the season. And as far as road games, how about 4-0 at Duke for this senior class. This crowd is a piece of cake compared to that.

Anonymous said...

Let's go State! You have the entire country coming together and pulling for ya!