Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raleigh's Wall to visit N.C. Central

The recruitment of John Wall, the top high school basketball point guard recruit in the country, took another twist Thursday when Wall planned an unofficial visit to N.C. Central.

Wall has known and worked with new Eagles coach LeVelle Moton for years. Wall plans to visit the Durham campus on Friday.

"I want to find out what a historically black school has to offer," Wall said Thursday night. "This is a visit to find out some things."

Wall had planned to trim his list of eight schools to three or four by Friday, but, "truthfully, it looks like it is going to be Monday now," Wall said.

Wall currently has N.C. State, Baylor, Kentucky, Miami, Duke, Kansas, Memphis and Florida on his list. He said there are no leaders, not any group of leaders.

He said internet reports that he had cut his list to Kentucky, Miami, Duke and Florida were erroneous.

"I have not told anyone a group of leaders," he said. "In my mind, the schools are even."


Anonymous said...

NC Central??? Wow. One would think a kid with the amount of talent he supposedly has, would like an opportunity to play on a BIG stage and possibly go for a National Championship. Guess not though. If you look at his list only Kentucky, Kansas, & Duke have ANY shot of winning a National Championship. All of the other schools mentioned have ZERO shot.

I've been very interested in this kid ever since I heard Coach Williams called him from the Final 4. But from his comments the other day stating he hasn't heard from them since then, I doubt he'll end up in Carolina. Probably more due to his grades and his handler who dislikes Coach Williams. But watching the progression of the schools he's looking at tells me this kid really has no clue where he wants to be.

I wish him all the luck in the world though. After all, he is just a kid.

Anonymous said...

Wall is not interested in UNC because he is one and done and has to play immediately. He has to battle Larry Drew, don't call me Jr, II. Kentucky desperately needs a point guard, but has the other pieces to make a run. Duke needs a point guard, but has the other pieces to make a run.

It will come down to Kentucky and Duke and anyone who actually follows recruiting has known this for some time.

Anonymous said...

Why do the coaches at these schools tell this little punk to stay home and rescind the scholarship offers? Who would want a guy on their team with this much ego? The team the gets him will regret it. He will destroy team chemistry and cost you games.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 11:31, Also an article said the other day that his SAT score was not good. I doubt that will get him into Duke, unless he has taken it again and scored better. I do not know why Coach K would want to be one and done unless he has someone coming in next year. It hurts Scheyer's game to play point.

charlieboy said...

I think he is waiting on Roy to call again, why is it taking this long? And anyone who watches Roy from Kansas to Carolina knows that he will give the best player the spot on the floor, so I don't doubt that wall will beat out drew for the pg spot. And as far as his handler goes, didnt he get a position at Baylor, that is the only reason wall is considering Baylor.

MichaelProcton said...

First, the fact that he's visiting Central is weird.

Second, there's no chance in the world he wouldn't start over Larry Drew. Did you miss him playing behind Bobby Frasor this year?

Third, playing PG HELPED Jon Scheyer's game. He didn't distribute, but most of the guys that play significant minutes help share that load. Singler led the team in assists, right?