Thursday, January 22, 2009

UNC's Hansbrough gets braces

Psycho T now has psycho teeth.

North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough, who had his right front tooth loosened Wednesday night by Clemson forward Jerai Grant's left elbow, had braces fitted around that tooth and several other upper ones Thursday, a team spokesman said in an email.

The medical staff will re-evaluate the team's leading scorer in about a week, at which point they might remove the braces if the tooth is more stable, or leave them in if its not.

The injury happened early in the first half of UNC's win over the Tigers. Hansbrough left the court briefly, but returned with a mouthguard and finished with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

— Robbi Pickeral


Tarheel Paul said...

The ACC basketball officials have decided to let the other ACC teams beat on Hansbrough and not call fouls. It takes a loose tooth for some of these clowns to call a foul. Shame on Roy for not tossing a chair for some of the no calls during the Clemson game. The other Carolina players should defend their MVP because he always comes to their aid. Someone will pay the price this season(Gerald cut and run Henderson I hope) when Tyler gets tired of the pitiful no calls and defends himself. Shame on the ACC for having the worst officials in the two major sports of basketball and football.

Michael said...

Oh PLEASE. Hansbrough gets more BS calls because he gets breathed on wrong and his contact falls out than any player in the game. He somehow thinks he's entitled to FTs every time he doesn't have a wide-open dunk or layup. I hope HANSBROUGH'S the one who "pays the price" come next year during his initiation to the league, where he'll never be more than a 10 MPG rotation player.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! I had to have the same thing done from being elbowed in college during an intramural game. The braces didn't work as I eventually had a root canal. How can this be news?

Justin said...

Yes, Hansbrough gets calls. But he hasn't gotten nearly as many this year, including some fouls that were legitimate muggings (like the "block" in the Clemson game across both of his arms). And I would be happy to wager that he'll easily play 20 minutes a game in the pros, probably averaging 12 and 8 a game.