Thursday, January 8, 2009

Curry up to No. 2 in Davidson scoring

Now only John Gerdy awaits.

Almost lost in Davidson's 79-67 loss at Duke Wednesday night was Wildcats guard Stephen Curry's continued climb up the Davidson career scoring ladder. Curry's 29 points pushed him to 2,040 in his 2 1/2- year career, and he slipped past Fred Hetzel (2,032), the former No. 2 man on the list.

Now Curry trails only John Gerdy (Class of 1979), who has 2,483 points.

With Curry averaging just under 30 points a game and trailing Gerdy by 443 points, he could possibly catch the leader this season. Should he average 30 points during the remainder of his chase, he would run Gerdy down 15 games from now, against an as-yet unscheduled opponent in one of ESPN's Bracket Busters games Feb. 20-21.

--Stan Olson


Tilton said...

John Gerdy! That's a name blast from the past! Somebody find some John Gedy highlights and put 'em on YouTube!