Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stephen Curry grabs (carefully) another award

Following Davidson's 83-43 victory over Furman in Belk Arena Wednesday night, Wildcats guard Stephen Curry was presented an engraved glass goblet from The Sporting News as the magazine's 2008 College Athlete of the Year. Curry, of course, led the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight.

He held the award for a few seconds at midcourt before passing it to athletic director Jim Murphy. "I was afraid I'd drop it," he said later with a smile. "I was worried about getting fingerprints on it, too. That's a pretty nice piece of equipment there."

Curry had just finished another bravura performance on the court, scoring 30 points, passing out five assists and making five steals. He also broke the game open in the first half with three three-pointers in four possessions.

"Obviously, Stephen can make some shots that you just can't account for," said Paladins coach Jeff Jackson. "Not in any way to take anything away from their team but he can just do things that change the whole life of the game.

"And the thing that's most difficult with a young team when he makes those types of plays is that they're not just good basketball plays, but they're deflating. Because you feel like you've done what you're supposed to do correctly and his God-given ability takes over. Or the time he spent with (father) Dell in the back yard, whichever one you want to give the credit to."
-- Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

The Davidson's AD's name is JIM Murphy....

stanolson said...

Yes it is Jim Murphy, and I know it well. Anon, that was My Bad, and I apologize to both you and Jim