Monday, January 5, 2009

Pack's Lowe says Yow on his mind

Since he was a player at N.C. State in the early 1980s, Wolfpack men’s basketball coach Sidney Lowe has admired Kay Yow, the team’s women’s coach.

Yow, a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, is battling cancer and has missed four straight games. N.C. State athletics director Lee Fowler said Yow is resting with the intention of returning.

During Monday’s ACC coaches’ teleconference, Lowe said he is keeping up with Yow’s status as much as possible:

“When I played here, she and I had a relationship where we talked and I just always admired her as a coach. And obviously being back here and what she’s accomplished in her career and for the university is to be admired. I keep up with what’s going on with her, pretty much not daily but pretty often.

“One of the reasons is the Wolfpack family around here. Everyone, we get information and we inquire how she’s doing and what’s going on. Not into the full detail, though. I knew she wasn’t doing well the first day that it happened.

“This group is so tight, there are people who will let us know. Whether it’s an e-mail. Whether it’s a coach letting you know. We really communicate that.”

– Ken Tysiac