Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another postseason hoops tourney

Nevermind the economy, wars or the icecaps, the world's most urgent problem has been solved -- college basketball's postseason is expanding. Again.

Move over NCAA Tournament, NIT and CBI (you know, the College Basketball Invitational), here comes the ... well ... it doesn't have a name yet.

CollegeInsider.com will stage a legitimate postseason tournament, approved by the NCAA and the college coaches, according to CBS Sports, that gives another 16 teams a chance to dance in March.

Eligible teams have to have a winning record against Division I opponents and priority will be given to the other (read: minor, non-major, non-BCS) conferences.

If the tournament is half as busy as the sponsor's web site, it will be a huge success, or at least induce a bout of vertigo.

That brings the postseason total to 129 teams. Surely there's another aspiring web site out there to mollify the other 200 teams. Please, someone save the children and hungry coaches.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, I wrote a story about the change that will come to NCAA Basketball. I predicted that in the next 20 years there would be a separation of the NCAA teams. The major conferences would become part of the NCAA Tournament.

Then the minor conferences would choose a champion through a different tournament. The changes of different conferences would allow the tournament to open up to all teams in the major conferences.

It would eliminate smaller conferences from taking in the NCAA. There would be a big difference in funding the tournaments. Once the tournament field is set by the NCAA then the other tournament would select there 64 field.

The Super Conferences would allow all the teams in conferences like the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big Twelve and Pac 10 to play in the NCAA Tournament as it is currently being done with the exception that all teams will be a part of the NCAA.

A Super Conference would allow the NCAA to develop a playoff system in football. Use the current Bowl system to allow only Super Conferences to take part in the Bowls. Four Bowls will be held back until after the first round of Bowl games. The top teams standing will then take part in the four bowls with the two winning teams remaining play for the National Championship.

Lloyd Scher