Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stephen Curry has Gerdy in his sights

Davidson guard Stephen Curry (don't we start about half our Above The Rim blogs with those words) is rapidly closing the points gap between himself and John Gerdy, the school's alltime leading scorer. Gerdy, who played from 1975 through '79, has 2,483 points. Curry, after knocking in 32 more at Chattanooga Wednesday, has 2,250.

Curry is currently leading the nation in scoring, averaging 29.5 points a game. At this pace, he would make up the remaining 233 points between the two in eight games, meaning he would pass Gerdy in Davidson's "Bracketbuster" game, scheduled for ESPN Feb. 20 or 21. The opponent for that contest has not yet been announced.

While that's likely given Curry's recent consistency, the only certainty is that barring injury, he will catch Gerdy sooner or later this season.--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

"Gerdy from 30" was the saying back then. If Gerdy had the three point line Steph would need about 1000 more points.

Anonymous said...

Gerdy was a baby and a jerk. Go get him Curry!!!

stanolson said...

The last comment was ridiculous and ignorant. I covered Gerdy, and he was a class act all the way, just like Curry. And had there been a three-point line, Curry would never catch him this year, no matter how many games he plays.

Anonymous said...

No Stan, you didn't covered Gerdy, you wrote about him. I covered Gerdy and played against him several times. Therefore my opinion, which you may find ridiculous, is not ignorant but is based on actual experiences. However, I do agree with you that he had a game.