Monday, January 16, 2012

UNC's Williams: Only Tyler Zeller didn't fail vs. FSU

Some notes of interest from UNC basketball coach Roy Williams’ teleconference today:

--Senior forward Tyler Zeller, Williams said, was the only UNC player who received a passing grade from the coaching staff for his performance against FSU. Zeller finished with 14 points and 14 rebounds and was “really good,” Williams said.

--Though Florida State’s Deividas Dulkys scored a career-high 32 points and made 8 3-pointers against UNC, Williams disputed the notion that the Tar Heels’ perimeter defense has been a liability this season. “We have not had this year the trouble guarding the ball on the perimeter,” Williams said. “Our defensive field goal percentage on the 3-point line is about second in the league but we had trouble guarding it Saturday. For the most part, we’ve really done a good job with that.”

--Williams was asked why his team has appeared lethargic at times this season. He said: “I have no idea. If I had an idea I would have already changed it. I don’t think we were lethargic against UNLV. It was a great crowd and their team is pretty good. And they played [well.] But we were not as active as we needed to be against Florida State.”

--Williams ended his conference call a couple of minutes early. He said,“Guys, I’ve got to go to practice. Sorry but I delayed it until I could speak to you for a few minutes. Hope everybody understands.”

-- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

When the team fails, the WHOLE team fails. You don't have select people from the team that "didn't fail"; and you don't make public statements about the star pupil who "didn't fail".

Anonymous said...

I agree with A above.

I think the biggest fail of the season is coaching.

I am worried about Roy, I feel he is slipping or something.

It all goes back to that Presbyterian student getting kicked out. I feel a curse is upon the heels and Roy, a great sports curse. Since that time, Roy has done lots of nutty things from getting onto his own fans for selling tickets to leaving the court early before the game even ends.

Compare this FSU loss to how Duke handled the Ohio State whipping they received. Roy blames the whole team, calls out people, and left the game early. Coach K joked that he was trying not to lose by 30 and took his whipping like a respected man.

Anonymous said...

Roy is an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Roy sucks, offer Coach K a billion dollars to take over and instill some heart in these guys.

Host Pay Per Head said...

well in my opinion, the forward Tyler Zeller did no have it easy at all and he has to worked harder in order to perform well that night