Thursday, January 5, 2012

C.J. Leslie's dunk highlights Wolfpack fun and games vs. Delaware State

Three things to note from N.C. State's game against Delaware State: 
C.J. Leslie bounces the ball ...

1. Fun and games

N.C. State hasn't had many chances, in the first 15 basketball games, to have a little fun. The Wolfpack did just that Wednesday in the 78-44 win over Delaware State.

A 22-0 run to close the first half took any suspense out of the outcome and C.J. Leslie's alley-oop to himself during that run signaled the beginning of the fun and games.
then leaps to retrieve it ...

Rich Howell, who had his fourth straight double-double (12 points, 12 boards) and Scott Wood (14 points) got into the act in the second half.

"I hope his ankle is bothering him," Leslie joked. "For his sake, I hope so."

Wood's near-dunk was the cause of discussion among his teammates, and some good-natured ribbing when he couldn't quite get high enough up to flush the ball.

Howell got off a two-handed dunk on the break but his relatively modest vertical leap is also a topic of conversation in the locker room.

"I'm just trying to dunk like C.J. Leslie," Howell said after the game, with Leslie standing five feet in front of him.

Leslie was actually taken out of the game after his dunk near the end of the first half but it was because he had two fouls. Coach Mark Gottfried talked to Leslie briefly when he took him out of the game.

Leslie said Gottfried wasn't talking to him about the dunk.

"He did say I better make it," Leslie said.

2. Progress, against Delaware State at least
finds the target ..

N.C. State needed a last-second shot by Wood to beat the Hornets last season. Wednesday's game was a blowout. State gave up 70 points to the Hornets last season and only 44 on Wednesday.

N.C. State also showed rebounding improvement against the Hornets, an undersized MEAC team. The Pack had a 49-32 advantage on the glass on Wednesday, compared to 35-31 in last year's game.

3. Another slow start

As lopsided as the final score was, State led just 20-18 after 13 minutes. The Pack was sloppy early on in the first half with seven turnovers contributing to its problems on offense.

The Pack started slow against Western Carolina, too, last Saturday. Some of that can be chalked up to the opponent but good teams are self-motivated and if State is going to make noise in the ACC, to nine or 10 conference wins, it can't let such outside factors influence its effort.
and dunks it home.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

that is pretty gangsta

Anonymous said...

Stay classy State.

Anonymous said...

Do it against North Carolina or Duke:)

Anonymous said...

If UNC would have done this there would have been at least 50 negative comments.

Anonymous said...

If UNC's Barnes would have done this, the coach would have benched him.

Anonymous said...

He did get yanked from the game immediately. Ask a kid why he's in time out and see if you get a straight answer.

George Marsh said...

With Duke and UNC struggling, looks like NCSU is climbing. Next year should be the true turning point as they win the league and go far in NCAA tourney. Rivers and Barnes are over-r-rated and I think the other conferences are taking note. Big East will make up for their lapse last year and should put at least 6 teams in sweet sixteen. Should be fun to watch the transition!

Jimmy Wyatt said...

We classy as Ron Burgundy up in here.. Leslie dunk like donkey kong on dem boyz. Don't hate the Playa, he ain't ghetto just smoove like stilletto.

Ken Burke said...

Worried C.J. Leslie will leave Raleigh for Washington. Obama has a couple of posts he needs to fill in the cabinet and on his underground chain net street ball league. Apparently C.J. has a weakness for Five Guy's and Newport's.... conclusion, he gone.

P. FahertyGoDawgs! said...

That is one sexy dunk! His strong, sweaty body pushing it through the hole is too much for me. Go NC State even though I went to Georgia!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that considered a travel?? Or is that only in the pros??

NoHeelFan said...

It a shame that a player and coach have no more class than to take on a "scrimmage" game then do a move like that. As much as I an not fan of a lot of the ACC schools, try that move on them. See how that plays out. Guess it shows how "classy" NCS has become.

Anonymous said...

It's a travel if you toss the ball to yourself. In this case he just bounced it extra high.

As for noheel's comments - he was pulled from the game as a result, but even the Delaware bench looked wow'ed. It's not like anyone was offended - go get your panties in a wad over something else.

Paul Bender said...

N.C. State has done a great job, but probably won’t finish well. Look for Clemson and WFU to end the year strong. Lou Alcindor’s Nephew is a scoring wonder at WFU, they will dethrone UVA as the surprise team. A little worried that the Tarheel’s are leaving for the SEC now that they have their Football program back to Championship level. I like N.C. State but Mark Gottfried could leave any day to go back into broadcasting. New Year lot’s to think about, but one things for sure that dunk was superduperfragilisticexbeeallidocisous!

Host Pay Per Head said...

haha well I have to say that sometimes when I am watching a game with my fellas I get drunk too and I think that is part of the emotion generated with the games