Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are Tar Heels too laid back to be champs?

If you’ve followed North Carolina closely at all this season, you know that intensity has been an issue throughout. At times, the Heels seem content to go through the motions. That was the case on Saturday at Florida State, which was by far the more intense and aggressive team.

UNC never responded.

I asked Zeller yesterday if it’d be fair to say that the Tar Heels are an angry group right now. He said:
“Usually we’re very [laidback] – we’re laughing, having a good time. But nobody really said anything [after the Florida State loss]. Everybody was very quiet. And I think it was something was impactful to all of us. And hopefully we use it to drive us in the right direction.”

You’d hope. Sometimes, a team that’s not natural intense – and this team isn’t – needs a jolt to play with inspiration. Maybe what happened at FSU provides that jolt.

-- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

They'd better start playing better or they will no longer be able to wear those jerseys. They don't realize how privileged they are to wear a jersey of such magnitude and prestige.

Matthew Doughtery said...

Entitlement has permeated it's leftist head in the basketball program. Just showing up, donning the uniforms won't win games or prepare you for a NBA career, let alone pass Swahilli courses. Wake up and show us the Carolina Way.

Anonymous said...

Zeller says "hopefully"..? That right there is one of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Losers...does anyone on this team have confidence?