Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Roy Williams: Tar Heels must increase intensity

It’s the first week of January, which means that the start of the ACC basketball schedule is near. After his team’s 102-65 victory against Monmouth on Sunday, North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke of the need for the Tar Heels to raise their intensity given the start of conference play. And that’s true. The intensity always rises when ACC games start.

Even so, UNC's first ACC opponent, Boston College, isn’t exactly an upgrade over the kind of competition UNC has faced lately. The Eagles, who have lost to the likes of Holy Cross and Boston University, rank 227th in the RPI, according to realtimerpi.com.

UNC, meanwhile, has only played three teams (Appalachian State, Nicholls and Monmouth) that rank lower in the RPI than Boston College does right now.

-- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

and who has Duke played to better themselves this season? ok, so coach K has the most wins ever, but who did he really beat to get those wins?

Anonymous said...

This article wasn't about Duke. C'mon.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Duke's played Kansas (top #15), Mich (top #15), Mich St. (top #10), OSU (top #3), UT (tourney team), Washington (tourney team), Belmont (tourney team), and is playing @ Temple (10-3) as we speak.

Do you watch college basketball?