Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eric Montross: A lesson from UNC history

Eric Montross was a senior on North Carolina's 1993 national title team, which suffered a 26-point loss at Wake Forest in late January. A couple of months later, the Tar Heels defeated Michigan in the national championship game.

“The thing that I remember about our team,” Montross said, “was that there was just an absolute commitment to do what we needed to do in order to win. And we got it handed to us that game and it was just a mindset that we were going to work hard enough to overcome that. And that we weren’t going to make similar mistakes again.”

Montross, now the analyst for the Tar Heels’ radio broadcasts, said he believes this UNC team has it in it to respond the same way after Saturday's 33-point loss to Florida State. And one of the main reasons why Montross believes this is because of the presence of Tyler Zeller.

“This is certainly a really bad game,” Montross said. “But if you look at the silver lining, Zeller played a really good game. … And he’s a senior. If Tyler had gone lifeless midway through the first half [I’d be concerned]. … But  they’ve got a guy who is absolutely committed to this as a senior.”

-- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

So the lesson is: "getting annihilated on national television is OK because the '93 abberration of a team still won it on C-Webb's timout?"

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