Monday, January 16, 2012

History points to problems for Tar Heels

From the department of doesn’t-really-mean-anything-but-still-kind-of-interesting: North Carolina’s 33-point loss at Florida State was the worst loss of the Williams era. You knew that. But did you know this: Three out of UNC’s past four national title teams didn’t suffer losses by 33 points combined in their title seasons.

The 2008-09 championship team lost four games by a combined 16 points. The ’04-05 team lost four games by a combined 28 points. The ’81-82 team lost two games by a combined 21 points.

For those looking for something positive to think about, there’s this: UNC won the national championship in 1993 not too long after the Tar Heels’ 26-point loss at Wake Forest in late January of that season. That was a good Wake team, though, with Randolph Childress and Rodney Rogers. The Demon Deacons went 21-9 and reached the Sweet 16.

Are the Seminoles equally as good? We’ll see.

-- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

Since the beginning of the NCAA expansion era (~30 years), no National Champion has ever lost by more than 30.

Anonymous said...

At least when they lost 82-50 to Dook, that Dook team was good (Natl Championship good).