Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transcript: Roy Williams explains leaving walkons behind

North Carolina's players left the court with 14 seconds to play Saturday against Florida State because coach Roy Williams feared the Tar Heels would be trapped by the crowd. Five walkons stayed behind to run out the clock, but Williams said he didn't realize they had until he watched the tape. Robert Willett photo.
CHAPEL HILL — In case you missed Roy Williams’ radio show last night, he explained how he left five players on the court during the final 14 seconds of North Carolina’s 90-57 loss at Florida State on Saturday.
Here’s Roy:

“You know, it’s strange because after the game, I always usually say a couple of things to the team. Sometimes a little longer. One of our wins this year, I kept them in a locker room a little longer. I think the media made a statement about that because I was concerned with how we were playing.

“I had a friend of mine and he said, ‘Roy, you’ve been so frustrated. But you’ve been winning – you win by 20.’ I said, ‘I’m concerned about how we’re playing. We’re not trying to prepare to win one game in the regular season. I’m trying to get us to be the best team.’ But usually I say a couple of quick things, get them together, I say a little prayer. They don’t have to pray, they just have to put their hands and do whatever they have to do. And then we go on and I go to the press conference.

“Coach Smith always would come in and not even do that. We would just get up, put our hands together, say a little quick prayer. I’d say, Coach, I’ve got to blast them sometimes. And this was when I became head coach.

“He always said, you should wait until you see the tape and you know exactly what you’re saying and you know if you’re exactly right or wrong. Because sometimes, you know, coaches could mess it up, too. Something that they thought they saw. So I basically have adhered to that. But I say a few things.

“Well, after the game Saturday, our players got in the locker room, I walked in and I said one sentence. I said, ‘Everybody up.’ So we came together, we put our hands together. I said a little prayer. I walked out. Because I did not want to talk to my team at that point.

“We got on the bus. We went to the airport. Got on the airplane. Came home. The bus pulled up down in the ramp at the Smith Center. Everybody, what we call ‘AYOs’ – all you others – get off the bus. And I walked to the back of the bus and this time I gave them the schedule. I said, ‘We have Special Olympics tomorrow [on Sunday]. Everybody be there at 12:45.’ And then I got off the bus and still didn’t say one thing about the game. Because I still wasn’t mature enough to say anything.

“My kids had the Special Olympics things on Sunday. And we met at 12:45. I walked in the room. I sat down in front of the room. Jerod Haase, I pointed to Jerod … Jerod said, ‘This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to split up in these groups. You’re going to work with this and you’re going to work with that. And here’s the diagram, make sure you know where you know where you’re needed.’ And I said, ‘Guys – I don’t think I need to say that we need to do a great job today.’ That’s all I said. Because I still wasn’t mature enough to say anything to them.

“We did the Special Olympics clinic. At the end of the clinic, we got in there. I told everybody, I said, ‘Guys, you did a great job. I appreciate that.’ And I walked out. I still hadn’t focused my [thoughts]. So that’s 24 hours, I still hadn’t spoken to my team.

“Today [on Monday] we met. We had a film session. They did weights. We had another little film session. We went out on the court. Went back in the locker room, finished watching the tape. And I apologized, to five guys, because I did not even know until I watched the game tape that my five walk-ons stayed out there on the court. Did not know that.

“Regardless of how, in my opinion, unfair the people treated [UNC spokesman] Steve Kirschner when he tried to give them a response, that’s the exact truth. There’s nothing else. That’s the exact truth. Because if you watch the tape, Joe Holladay at first and I are talking.

“Joe said, ‘We’re going to have a problem getting off this court again. Because they’re already in the aisles.’ He said, ‘We’re going to have a problem.’ I think, understand the word ‘think’ – [referee] Jamie Luckie was in front of my bench. And I’m whispering and talking into his ear, the game’s going, I said, ‘Jamie. We’re going to have a problem getting off the court. Do you have any suggestions?’ He said, ‘I don’t know what to tell you.’

“And then all of a sudden there’s a loose ball and a dead ball and a timeout. And I start walking – you can see it on TV – I start walking and I motion for Leonard Hamilton to come. Leonard comes up there and I said, ‘Leonard – I’m worried about getting our guys off the court. Would it offend you if I were to leave? If we were to leave?’ He said, ‘No – I think that’s what you should do.’

“Which I thought was great on Leonard … I’ve known him for 100 years. He’s always sensible in things like that and when he said that, I told him, I said, ‘Leonard, I appreciate it. Please understand this is not intended to be an indictment on your security. We just need to get [out safely]. He said, ‘No – go ahead.’

“I turned to Joe Holladay and I motioned. I said, ‘Come on.’ Like that. And I took about three steps and you can see it on TV – regardless of what those people are saying to Steve Kirschner. Leonard says something, he says, ‘Roy, your players.’ And I turned around and said, ‘Come on!’ And you can see me motion on again.

“I take off and I stop and try to congratulate as many [Florida State] players as I can. I even got Luke [Loucks] and [Deividas] Dulkys mixed up … and then I found the real Dulkys at the end. I said to every player, ‘Congratulations on a great win.’ I said to the assistant coaches, ‘Please don’t be offended by this.’ And everybody said, ‘Coach, we understand.’

“I go to the locker room. And it is a long way down the side of the court. It’s all the way back there. And I get back there and I’m standing outside of our locker room, waiting for every player to get in. And I said, ‘Is that everybody?’ And they said, ‘No.’ And so I’m standing there and all of a sudden, here comes Joe Holladay and [Patrick] Crouch. And I said, ‘What took Patty so long?’He said, ‘He got caught up in the crowd.’

“And I didn’t think of what the [heck] he was talking about … I am watching the tape of the game and it’s the first time I realized that five guys, [the] Blue Steel guys stayed out there on the court. Every prospect, every walk-on I’ve ever had – I say one thing: If I ask the biggest guy or star on our team to run a sprint, you’re going to have to run a sprint. If I eat steak, you’re going to have to eat steak. Whatever happens to every scholarship player, you have to do.

“I would never leave five kids out there. And if I’m going to do that – why wouldn’t I stay out there? I saw it happened one time on TV when … I [said], ‘Why would they leave those kids out there?’ … And in the press conference, I said, ‘Please don’t make this issue a bigger issue. Because the issue should be what a great win that Florida State had.

“We had a terrible incident at UNLV. One of our female managers went down to the ground. And I said, I didn’t want that. I said, ‘Please don’t let that be a big issue. It’s not a big deal. I just appreciate the way coach Leonard Hamilton handled it …’ That’s what I said. Go and check all the tapes.

“Steve comes to see me today [on Monday] and I said, ‘Are we getting drilled because of [this]?’ Because I never read Sunday’s paper until today. And I said, ‘Are we getting drilled?’ He said, ‘You’re just getting drilled because of leaving those five guys out there.’ I said, ‘It’s funny you say that because I just apologized to my team.’ … Because I said, ‘Guys, there was miscommunication between me and Coach Holladay. I did not even know that you guys stayed out to play the game.’

“Stilman [White]comes up and says, ‘Well, Coach – I came up to you, but you were talking to Coach Hamilton. I didn’t know if you wanted me just to stand there and dribble the ball.’ And I said, ‘Stilman – I would have sacrificed you.’ I said, ‘I would not have sacrificed five of you.’ I said, ‘Please understand that.’ And he laughed and knew I was kidding and the whole thing.

“I said, ‘Guys … I apologize. There was miscommunication between Coach Holladay and myself. I would never have left you out there to play the game. What I wanted to do, needless to say we’re not going to erase a 33-point lead with 14 seconds [left]. I was trying to get my entire team off the court – to apologize to Florida State, make sure that they weren’t interpreting it the wrong way …

“So Steve Kirschner calls some people on the radio and tells them that. And basically, I’m not going to speak for Steve, they get on the radio and say it’s not true … You’re not going to call me a liar. And that’s exactly what happened. Every player on our team would tell you that.  Every coach. I even told the coaches that today is the first time I told them that I didn’t know our guys stayed out there.

“I didn’t want to talk to any coach [after the game]. I didn’t want to talk to [anybody]. I just wanted to kill some-freakin’-body. We just got beat by 33. And all of those people who want to say different things – that’s their prerogative. We have the right to tell the truth and however which way they want to color it, they can do that. But we have the right to tell the truth.

“I told Steve Kirschner the truth, he said the truth. And that’s what it is. But there’s no way in Hades I would leave five of my guys out there. I mean, my gosh, if that had been me when I was on the freshman team, coach Guthridge would have left my butt out there. I wouldn’t want that …

“And again. It’s gotten too much attention. It was a mistake. It was confusion. It was miscommunication.
“But the fact of the matter is, Florida State kicked our rear ends.”

-- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

hey roy, ramble much?

Anonymous said...

Last night:

UConn Women: 86
UNC Women: 35

Worst loss in school history. Disturber, instead of burying the article (like the FSU game), acts like it never happened. It's officially raining $h*t in Chapel Hill!!

Anonymous said...

All the Charlotte Observer does is want to talk about this "old" story. Let's talk about how bad the Boobcats are with two worthless Dook players on the team. They will move soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Hey Roy, admit that you tucked your tail and ran. Stop making excuses.

Why can't unc-chEAT fans see him for what he is? Maybe when he wears another Kansas sticker or gets another team's fan kicked out of a game for cheering too loud.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04 typical Cryolina Fan, this old story just happened, and your coward, arrogant coach lied and made it worse... And Henderson is the best player on the bobcats. Does Unc even have any pros right now? Duke leads the league in players and Salary in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

UNC 131/Dook 101...We still own you! We'll add to our win total this year after we pound you. I actually graduated from UNC...while you probably got your education from Gaston College...silly Dook fan.

Anonymous said...

By the way....a UNC graduate OWNS the Bobcats...and was the BEST player the NBA ever had or will ever see in your lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Cryolina fans still living in the past. The last 30 years Duke has owned Carolina, you have no pros and Jordan is a awful owner, and you "undefeated team" just got monkey slapped, and you coach left before the game was over. "IM Takin My Ball And Goin Home"-Roy Williams.......yawn

Anonymous said...

Get back to flipping your burgers...Just another Dook fan with no "real" education...loser

JR Reid's Fade said...

I have a solution: Opposing fans tend not to rush the floor when you win.

Anonymous said...

so he suggested they leave early and he meant to take the whole team? what a disrespectful and arrogant move. if you get your rear beaten, take it like a man.

I've never seen a team leave like this in basketball. The spirit of sports is to compete to the end and to honor your opponents and respect yourself. Roy did none of the above and of course he should be asked why.

Preseason # 1 to this......

what is next for unc? down by 20 with 2 mins to go do you load the bus??? where does it end???

I'm glad he apologized to the walk ons, he should have. He needs to apologize to FSU and athletics in general.

Anonymous said...

I've been to many games where the fans were joking and chanting "start the bus", but I've never seen the coach getting blown out actually do it and leave early. Not surprised the first one to do it was Roy.

Anonymous said...

He did apologize. FSU Coach Leonard Hamiliton suggested he leave. He did that. He does not need to apologize to FSU. He even congratulated FSU players as he walked off. Big win for FSU. Bad loss for UNC. FSU was picked pre-season ACC to finish 3rd. They have had some bad losses as well, and will finish 2nd the ACC behind UNC. Dook 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Coach K=Rat

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Hey Roy, change your Depends and take your a$$ wooping as a TEAM. BIGGEST CRY BABY EVER!

Anonymous said...

Roy suggested that they leave, how about taking off the Carolina Blue shades and realize you have a jack ass quitter as a coach.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Roy won't lose another ACC game in the regular season this year! We are CAROLINA!! The FLAGSHIP school in the state of NC.....say what you want, but you know it's true. He'll hoist another NCAA Championship before any other shcool in this state. That's a FACT!

Anonymous said...

Coach K=Rat

Anonymous said...

This is a transcript? You learn how to do this from the Nixon White House? I listened to what this clown said, and I heard him say Coach Gutheridge would have done the same thing when he was on the Freshman team.

Look I don't hate UNC and I think it's good for the State when they do well (so long as the more illiterate players don't do interviews). Williams however is turning more and more into a classless exit area for feces.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH I love how Carolina fans always have to bring up Duke. Hey you might want to worry more about your own school and it's issues...last time I checked Duke not the one with the problems.

Roy=fake ass tan

Anonymous said...

he's gone nuts.

kicking out fans that have tickets to seats.

yelling at his own fans for selling tickets.

crying all the time.

leaving before games are even over.

does UNC have a good psych department? Papa Roy may need some shock therapy or something, his brain is short circuiting.

Anonymous said...

UNC is having a rough year.

The whole Butch Davis scandal. they should've gotten lack of institutional control btw.

Preseason #1 basketball to this

The only thing they lack at this point is a sexual assault cover up to go for the trifecta.

at least they are good at soccer.

Anonymous said...

he didn't talk to the players about the game for 1 1/2 days ?

this is kinda like how he never calls timeouts.

they have the skills, they need some guidance, encouragement, and a fire lit under their rears. They have looked unmotivated for weeks. I am not sure how passively aggressively not talking to the players helps at all.

I can't help but wonder if the special olympics kids were left on the court by an early departure of the squad. I am sure the Blue Steelers had the mental fortitude to stay the entire time.

Anonymous said...

"Would it offend you if I were to leave?"

the fact that Roy asked Hamilton this shows that what he did was in fact offensive.

college athletics deserves better than this. this will haunt Roy for a long time, and it should.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Roy's wife would care to comment on his early withdrawal?

Anonymous said...

UNC is still the class of the ACC. Regardless of what your think, say or write. I graduated from there, so I should know. Most of you making these senseless comments probably don't even have your GED, and if you do, then probably graduated from CPCC. Ol' Roy has made some mistakes, and if he coached at any other school in the state, then this would be a non-issue. Face it, you live in the "Tar Heel" state.

Anonymous said...


Chapel Hell's burning...football's a joke...fraudulent acedemics make me laugh...overhyped basketball team sucks, don't even get me started on the 51-point beatdown the women just endured last night.

Anonymous said...

Don't get mad because you could not get in UNC or afford it for that matter. UNC's overall athletic program has won more championships than other in this state. Look that up! I would really like to know where you got your education from (if you even have one). You have nothing better to do than hate on UNC. UNC is the FLAGSHIP school...has been, and ALWAYS will be....go to bed knowing that....WE ARE CAROLINA!

wfudeacon79 said...

As always Roy....what a crock! You're just a very poor loser. Talk all you want....we all know what really happened. You can't hide behind your typical Carowhina excuse this time!

Anonymous said...

Really? WFU?? You certainly can't talk. The worst team in the ACC. Shut your mouth. That program will NEVER be in the top 3 in the ACC in the next 10 years. Lol....what a joke. Who is your coach anyway? Doesn't matter...he won't be after 2013. UNC will beat WFU by 33 if not more. UNCC gets better recruits than WFU......ha! ha!!

Anonymous said...

My kid was going to try to walk on at UNC next year, he is unsure now. He doesn't want to be treated like a 2nd class tarheel by Roy.

Respect any player wearing the jersey Roy, they deserve that much.

Anonymous said...

Yea, there was an assistant coach or trainer or some non player left behind on the Carolina bench and Roy intended they all leave and did not hear from this person that the scrubs were left behind? Nice try, Roy. When someone feels obligated to bring up that they are telling the truth, you can count on them being lying about 90% of the time. Remember how the Presbyterian fan was supposed to be drunk?

Anonymous said...

Amen. Above is right. Preysbeterian "drunk" claim was a total lie, this "female trainer" doesn't even exist. "Basketball had no contact with Jennifer Wiley"...yeah, right.

I can't believe Roy and U Cheat pull this BS.

Anonymous said...

Roy Coward Williams. The Captain always goes down with the ship, unless your Captain Williams. Blue Chips and Roy leave the court and leave the useless walk on scrubs to take the heat. This is what happened in a nutshell. Then Roy Coward Williams lies about what happened afterwards. Should we be surprised? Everyone at UNC should hang their heads in shame.....AGAIN!!!

bookmakers online said...

I just read your post and I have a question for you buddy, do you really think that Roy Williams really left walkons behind??? if you ask me, I really doubt it!