Saturday, March 24, 2012

UNC's Stilman White, toast and an iPhone game

ST. LOUIS -- You've heard UNC head coach Roy Williams at various points this season describe Tar Heels guard Stilman White as a guy who's out there, who's not of the normal, who's a bit of a character. Williams, the Tar Heels coach, recently described White as a "wacko." It was a term of endearment.

White started his first college game on Friday night in place of the injured Kendall Marshall , and when the Tar Heels play against Kansas here on Sunday in the NCAA tournament Midwest regional final, there's a good chance - a great chance - White will be starting again.

So, naturally, the national media members who have gathered here want to know more about White. About why he's this guy that Williams likes to rag on. Williams was happy to oblige Saturday.

Here's how Williams opened up a story about White: "Let me explain to you something now. This morning at breakfast. Kendall's standing up and says, 'Who's toast is this over here?' Looked at our table, no. Looked at the next table, no. Looked at the next table, no. 'Who's toast is this?' "

Williams went on.

"John [Henson] said, 'Toast, toast, anybody's toast?' Twenty-one people in there looked at Stilman and Stilman says, 'Oh, that's my toast.'"

Now, I wasn't in the room when Williams recounted this story. So I can't tell you the reaction among reporters who listened. Me, I would have been laughing.

The moderator of the press conference asked White if he had a response. And White said:

"I was kind of into my iPhone game and I was working on a high score, so I had to wait until I finished that round before I could pick my toast up."

So naturally the next question was about what game White was playing in the moment he forgot about his toast.

"It was Super Jetpack, I think," White said. "It's a good game."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing story. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Tar Heel Observer doing meaningless fluff pieces for the Heels while they compare Duke to the Taliban??

Third-rate paper (and everyone knows it).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tell us what team breakfast stories were told at the state or duke press conference! oh, that's right, they aren't having press conferences.

Anonymous said...

...and neither is unc as long as they have to play Kansas in the tourney...

Anonymous said...

Self > Roy

Anonymous said...

Heels = FAIL

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per head said...

yeah totally! I have heard of the UNC head coach Roy Williams and sometimes I wish I could not hear of him that often if you know what I mean haha