Thursday, March 8, 2012

Referee Karl Hess is not working the ACC tournament

ATLANTA — Veteran ACC official Karl Hess will not work any games at the ACC tournament, ACC head of officials John Clougherty said Thursday.

Hess was invited to work at the tournament but declined because he did not want to be a distraction, Clougherty said. Hess is working the Big East tournament instead.

Hess' absence is not a form of punishment for the incident at the N.C. State-Florida State game on Feb. 18, Clougherty said, but the three officials who worked the first game on Thursday —Jamie Luckie, Mike Eades and Bernard Clinton— each wore a small piece of white tape on their left sneaker with the initials "KH."

Clougherty had no comment about the apparent tribute to Hess.

No referee worked more ACC games during the regular season than Hess, who officiated 19. Hess was publicly reprimanded by the league after he ejected former N.C. State players Chris Corchiani and Tom Gugliotta in the second half of the Wolfpack's 76-62 loss to FSU at the RBC Center on Feb. 18.

Corchiani and Gugliotta "incited the crowd" with their "excessive demonstration," according to Hess, but Hess did not follow the proper protocol in having the famous former players removed from their seats behind the scorers' table.

Hess has worked the ACC championship game nine times and the Final Four three times. In February, commissioner John Swofford called him "one of the best" officials in college basketball.

--J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

Let's see if State gets a fair shake from the ref's now, this doesn't bode well for the Pack

Anonymous said...

I just KNEW some idiot State fan would turn this into a conspiracy theory.

Dude, your team sucks. That's why you lose. It's got nothing to do with the refs.

Anonymous said...

21 wins, 9-7 ACC ... that usually got Herb into the Dance a few years back. I think we're in.

10genwolf said...

David Glenn vetted the "incident" and reported on his show that NOT ONE PERSON at the center court scorer's table had anything negative to say about Chris' or Tom's behavior. DG is a Carolina law man but is very fair!

Lee Folwer said...

This sums things up, "Clougherty had no comment about the apparent tribute to Hess."

Just a sly way of parting ways with Karl Hess and trying to avoid losing face. ACC Leadership, is devoid or seemingly becoming the Light and Royal Blue League for some reason

Anonymous said...

Good to hear there's a UNCheat lawyer with integrity (ahem...Mike Nifong...John Edwards...)!

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I know some people, among them, some close friends that this piece of news made them happy hahaha