Thursday, March 15, 2012

NCAA tournament reunion for Lutz and Wolfpack

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The last time Bobby Lutz coached in an NCAA tournament game, he was Charlotte's head coach, in 2005. The 49ers' opponent? N.C. State.

The Wolfpack beat Lutz and the Niners 75-63 in a first-round game in Worcester, Mass. in 2005. N.C. State star Julius Hodge helped the Wolfpack erase a 14-point first-half deficit with 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds.

"We were up big," said Lutz, who was 2-5 in five NCAA tournament appearances with Charlotte. "Then Julius took over the game late."

The Pack went on to beat Connecticut in the second round before losing to Wisconsin in the Sweet 16.

Lutz, in his first season as an assistant to Mark Gottfried with the Wolfpack, coached at Charlotte through the 2009-10 season and then was an assistant for Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State last season.

His wife, Janet, and his two daughters are driving to Louisville, Ky. tonight to watch Iowa State take on UConn, the defending champions.

"Fred got them tickets, and they’ll be back for us tomorrow," Lutz said. "I’m very excited about it.”


Anonymous said...

That was the turning point for 49er basketball. Bobby had his heart set and bags packed for Tennessee. Sendeck made second half adjustments and Lutz could never adjust. And after an embarrassing performance in the A-10 everybody was ready for Lutz to leave.

Anonymous said...

Where are the 69ers now? Not even in the N.I.T....Sad. Just sad. At least they have football to look forward too...Lol.

49erEngineer said...

Anon 2:18 pm, You are wrong about Bobby having his heart set on TN. That was all media speculation and coach Lutz was never contacted by TN officials nor was he even looking for a different coaching job.
If you knew coach Lutz, you would realize how absurd that statement is. He was in his dream job.

I agree that he (and the team) did not respond well to the Wolfpack's second half adjustments. Look how poorly we shot in the second half. This, and our ineffective perimeter defense, is exactly why the 14 point margin was erased.

Anonymous said...

Who let the UNC-CHeat trolls out?

Anonymous said...

The Niners were riding a 7 game win streak when Steve Lavin was in Halton for the Southern Miss game. Lavin goes back to ESPN Studios for College Game Night and says he knows for a FACT that Lutz had people working to get him the Tenn. job. Tenn. announced the last two candidates considered were Pearl and Lutz. Bobby then pulled what became a traditional late season collapse.
As much as he 'loved' Charlotte - Lutz knew 9er basketball would die in the A10.
Im convinced he gave up just for spite. Now hes laughing all the way to the bank with the sweet buy out Judy gave him.