Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What if it had been Curry & Curry

Davidson guard Stephen Curry was just named the Southern Conference's Player of the Year, and leads the nation in scoring. Little brother Seth was just named Big South Conference Freshman of the year, and Tuesday night led the Flames past Gardner-Webb in the first round of the league tournament, dumping 30 on the Bulldogs.

I've probably heard a half-dozen college coaches tell me something to the effect of "Man, I wish I had recruited those two guys harder," this season. So do your alumni, guys.

The bottom line, though, is the fact that Davidson already had Stephen, so the Wildcats were halfway home. They did offer Seth a scholarship, according to everyone involved, but the younger Curry wanted to make his own way.

That was Liberty's gain, of course; Seth, currently at 20.9 ppg, will almost certainly become the first Big South freshman to average 20 points.

But with Davidson having trouble finding a consistent outside scoring threat to take some of the pressure off of Stephen, you have to wonder where the Wildcats would be with an all-Curry backcourt.

The opposition would know only too well what hit them.--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

The Charlotte 49ers would still own them.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the 49ers sure would own them if they met in the tournament....oh wait... Richmond may have ended a shot at your at-large bid.

Anonymous said...

Why do these Charlotte Christian High School players don't look good enough when they play for Coach Shonn Brown, but do so well when they leave his system?

Just in 2008-2009 season:

Curry #1 - leading nation in scoring

Curry #2 - Conf. Freshman of the year

Omar Carter - Conf. Player of the Year at Charleston as soph

Marcus Connor - Leading the nation in blocked shots as a freshman (D.III)

Might make a good story by the CO . . . none were considered that good in HS. Makes you wonder . . .