Monday, March 2, 2009

Can't stay mad at Greivis for long

N.C. State fans didn’t like Greivis Vasquez on Sunday night.

He laughed and made a show of himself as Wolfpack fans left the RBC Center late in a 71-60 Maryland win. He sank a 3-pointer at the buzzer with the Terrapins ahead by eight points, for heaven’s sake.

It was one of the most unsportsmanlike things that’s happened in an ACC game all season. Wolfpack fans booed him and fired insults at him.

Yet N.C. State center Ben McCauley didn’t seem especially perturbed.

“You have to come to expect that from a guy like that,” McCauley said. “He plays with a lot of emotion.”

The words “a guy like that” are the key. Vasquez is the most happy-go-lucky player the ACC has had in a long time, and it’s impossible to stay mad at him.

He says and does some stupid things, but he apologizes when he offends somebody as he did Sunday night. Nobody has as much outward fun playing basketball.

For that, his behavior can be excused. Sunday night was just Greivis being Greivis, and you know he’d give those three points back if he could. – Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

He's an idiot and somebody is going to put him in his place soon.

Anonymous said...

Tysiac, do you really believe that crap. McCauley saying "guy like that" was the important part of his statement...his part of the statement saying that he thinks Vasquez is a prick. Which he is.

Anonymous said...

So it's okay to hurl personal insutls at him and his family for 40 minutes but it "unsportsmanlike" to shoot a 3 at the buzzer?

He may be an "idiot", but that "idiot" just kicked you ass.

Anonymous said...

Greivis is the biggest thug punk to ever play the game of college basketball. gary williams should be embarassed for putting him on the floor to represent maryland university. everyone in the acc that has played against him and not punched him in the face should be given an award for sportsmanship because from the moment he steps on the court he is begging for a beating.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to respect a guy who says Cameron Indoor is his house and then proceeds to score five points while his team loses by 41.

Anonymous said...

He's a tool and I hope something happens to keep him from earning the first penny as a pro.