Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big moment for Duke's Plumlee

Miles Plumlee, college basketball’s greatest rivalry is calling you.

Forward Lance Thomas (sprained ankle) and center Brian Zoubek (broken nose) are listed as day to day for Duke as the Blue Devils prepare for Sunday’s regular season finale at North Carolina.

It’s a chance for the Blue Devils (25-5, 11-4 ACC) to pull into a first-place tie with North Carolina in the ACC standings. In order for Duke to even have a chance on Tyler Hansbrough’s senior day, Plumlee probably will have to play a significant role.

Aside from Kyle Singler, Dave McClure and Plumlee, Duke won’t have any healthy scholarship players on the front line if Thomas and Zoubek can’t play. Because of Hansbrough’s ability to draw fouls in the post, this could be a disaster for Duke unless Plumlee is ready to make an impact as a freshman.

Plumlee had some bright moments against St. John’s on Feb. 19, with four points, three rebounds and two blocked shots in eight minutes. He also was a key factor in the first half against Georgetown on Jan. 17, with four key points when the Blue Devils were struggling on offense.

Fellow freshman Elliot Williams has shown Plumlee the way to make an impact as a freshman by averaging 11.6 points in five games since entering the starting lineup against St. John’s.
It’s up to Plumlee to follow that example. If he doesn’t, the Blue Devils’ chances of winning would appear slim. – Ken Tysiac


Duck-Fook said...

Slim to none, and none left town two years ago. Heels by 27.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you couldn't even get the saying right. Typical UNC fan.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not a UNC fan. Would hate to have to pull for this 5.

unc92sax said...

None was run out of town after he killed slim. That's how relevant dook is to UNC over the past couple years.

Anonymous said...

You would hate to have to pull for a lineup of Lawson, Ellington, Green, Thompson, and the current NPOY?'re right, I'd much rather pull for the dook starting five. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Duck-Fook, you're a complete idiot. 27 points? Name me the last time UNC beat Duke by 25 or more.........

Anonymous said...

Answer: February 27, 1960.

Bonus: The last time Duke beat UNC by 25+ was March 3, 2002.

Duke also embarrassed UNC by 29 in February 2002, and by 26 in 2001.

"Heels by 27." LOL. Were you alive in 1960 Duck-Fook?

unc92sax said...

Yeah. Congrats. You beat us down in the Doh years when we had a MAJOR lack of talent and a coach that brought down the program.

We are beating you down NOW, with your HOF coach and 7 McD AAs.

Funny that!

Anonymous said...

May, Felton, McCants, Noel...yeah reeeeeeeeaalll "major lack of talent" during that Doherty era.

unc92sax said...

01-02 Roster
Where are those folks you mentioned?
Player Yr Pos
Bersticker, Brian SR C
Boone, Adam SO G
Capel, Jason SR F
Everett, Joe SR F
Holmes, Jonathan JR G
Johnson, Will JR F
Lang, Kris SR F
Manuel, Jackie FR G
McLamb, Phillip SO F
Melendez, Orlando SR F
Morrison, Brian SO G
Price, Damien SO G
Scott, Melvin FR G
Williams, Jawad FR F

Anonymous said...

D00k by 27.

Anonymous said...

March 11, 2001 - Duke 79, UNC 53, ACC Tournament Championship - UNC Lineup:
Brendan Haywood
Brian Morrison
Michael Brooker
Neil Fingleton
Jonathan Holmes
Ronald Curry
Max Owens
Jason Capel
Adam Boone
Orlando Melendez
Jim Everett
Joseph Forte
Kris Lang
Will Johnson
Julius Peppers
Brian Bersticker

It only included an All-American :)

kickazzz2000 said...

March 8, 2009 (Which was YESTERDAY, not 2001 or 1960)

UNC 79, dook 71


Anonymous said...

Heels by 27.