Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coach K: 'They are better than we are'

DURHAM -- Mike Krzyzewski wasn't disappointed in Duke's effort in Wednesday's 101-87 loss to North Carolina.

"We played our butts off," Coach K said.

He wasn't even angry with the second-half shooting or the second-half defense.

"I though our guys played well," he reiterated.

Actually, K was just honest after Duke's sixth loss in eight tries to UNC — and fourth straight at Cameron.

"We're not as good as they are right now," Krzyzewski admitted. "They're better than we are."

There's no argument to the contrary. The teams are separated by a game in the ACC standings but the margin between the two programs grows wider with every Carolina win in the series, every recruiting coup, every ACC title and every March run.

Make no mistake, Krzyzewski was giving no ground to his rivals. He was talking about the now, the immediate aftermath of a Carolina victory fueled by a guard Duke had no answer for and a power forward that matched Tim Duncan's 4-0 career record at Cameron.

But when asked if Duke could catch this Carolina team, K responded:

"That won't be our goal. We need to get better. I don't really care how anyone else plays," he said.

Of course, to spend energy on Carolina would be counterproductive but the specter of the Heels never goes away. To think otherwise would only be self-deception. -- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

I think he meant better in every sense, as human beings.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "I think he meant better in every sense, as human beings."

Yes. And by "they", he meant "everyone".

Unknown said...

Coach K is right Unc is way better than Duke and they always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tarheels for life!!!

Anonymous said...

Pompous, deceitful faux Gothic!

The truth finally outs.

Anonymous said...

Duke is way better than Carolina, but they just had a bad game. Look at this, Carolina lost to Boston and Boston sucks. So they had a bad game there. Theyy always have bad games, only against Duke they do good because Duke just let them win a lot. So there!!! AND REMEMBER, UNNC SUCKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! they suck eggs- haha!!

Anonymous said...

I also would like to see a random selection of UNC students play a random selection of Duke students in a basketball game. Even if you picked the nerdiest ones out of the library on a Saturday night, the final score would be far more lopsided in UNC's favor than the game last night. I mean look at those cameron "crazies." They're all nerds. A few of them are nerds in sort of a "im very smart and somewhat interesting" type of way, but most probably never even watched a basketball game before they got to duke and needed some way to fit in.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to point out, Wayne, that a lot of them would probably start crying as soon as they fell behind more than 10 points.

Anonymous said...

duke by 20 March 8th at dean dome, and eventual national champions!
the cream will rise to the top!

Anonymous said...

The cream DID rise to the top last night. That was pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

I regret Duke lost. But there is a lot more to a University than basketball or football. Actually, only until you are 21 are you looked at because of the wins or losses at you school. Then there is life!! That is when education takes over. Win your games in school, tarholes. Duke will win the games in real life!! GO, DUKE!!!

MichaelProcton said...

Hey Wayne...I'm surprised you're not familiar with the manager games. You know, the ones where the UNC managers take on the Duke managers just before the real games? Yeah. In case you've blocked those games out of your memory, Duke's won every matchup in the series. But, wait, are your managers "the nerdiest ones" at your school?

Steven S said...

As an NC fan, I have to give coach K a lot of credit for winning so many games with such mediocre athletes. Duke wins with 3s, with mediocre athletes at best. Every time they play a team that has better athletes, it shows, and they lose.

The whole Duke team does not have one player who will do well in the NBA. Much like most of the teams in the past.

Anonymous said...

"Hey coach K, I know what Dean always said. I didn't prepare them well enough; I was outcoached today.!" The problem is you coach K. It is always about you and not the kids. The kids are the problem, they need to get better. You also lack the class of one Dean Smith and always will.