Monday, February 2, 2009

Clougherty: Pack-UNC refs showed common sense

ACC officiating supervisor John Clougherty said Monday that the referees Saturday at N.C. State showed common sense when they allowed North Carolina’s Patrick Moody to shoot free throws for Michael Copeland with 1.9 seconds remaining.

The rule book allows a substitute to shoot free throws for an injured player. Copeland didn’t appear injured and got up quickly to chase after N.C. State center Ben McCauley, whose hard foul sent Copeland to the floor with North Carolina ahead 91-76.

McCauley was called for an intentional foul, and both players received technical fouls. North Carolina coach Roy Williams sent Copeland to the locker room.

“I can’t argue with my officials or disagree with Coach Williams,” Clougherty said Monday. “It was probably the prudent thing to have the player go to the dressing room. And again, we could be covered by the rule because. . .Coach Williams can say, ‘My player was too hurt to shoot the free throws.’ ”

A team trainer did check Copeland’s head in the locker room after the game to make sure he wasn’t injured. Clougherty said referee Les Jones did a good job separating Copeland and McCauley.

“I think Les really acted really well in that situation,” Clougherty said. “I’ve seen him do that before. And I complimented him on it. I thought he and the other crew members kept this thing from getting ugly.” - Ken Tysiac


704Champ said...

Makes sense to me. I don't think any of my fellow Wolfpack fans had an issue with the substitution and free throws. Copeland shouldn't have tried to score that late in the game, and MacCauley shouldn't have fouled him that hard. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

The refs allowed the Thugholes every opportunity to walk (pun intended ala Hanbrough) to the win.

Anonymous said...

State can not handle the fact that UNC is better. Copeland is a reserve. They don't get a chance to score much. I dont blame him for trying to get 2 points. And ANY state sub would have done the same thing

Anonymous said...

In response to the punk speaking negatively of Hansbrough... Don't you love to observe the envy in State fans because they can't recruit the same talent that UNC can?

Anonymous said...

I assure all Carolina fans that State fans are jealous of nothing that you have. Losing with dignity is better than having any of your thug jerks on our team any day of the week. Props to your "classy" fans that defaced the Kay Yow memorial in the NC State free expression tunnel... how disgusting of your ever so wonderful fan base. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

"Losing with dignity is better than having any of your thug jerks on our team any day of the week."

Who was the goon in this incident? MacCauley. If you want to talk about thugs, look at your own team first. Your fans sure do talk a lot for a team that hasn't been relevant since the 80s.

Anonymous said...

wolfpack fans just don't get it. UNC is so much better in every way. Coaches, players and fans. They are so upset because they cannot compete in the ACC. So what do they do? they come after Copeland because a state thug hit him. ya that UNC's fault that state having a bad year. Now as for coach Yow. She was a class act. A wonderful lady who did things right. And she will be missed by coaches and players. but in a free "expression" tunnel not everyone thinks well of Yow. As long as it is open to other schools this will happen. MOVE ON