Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Duke remains No. 1 in RPI

Five ACC teams are in the NCAA Tournament this week, based on the RPI.

Duke, despite losing by 27 to Clemson, remains No. 1 (see a flaw yet in the computer programming?) while UNC drops two spots to No. 6 because it beat two average teams at home.

Clemson (8), Wake Forest (14) and Florida State (19) are also enjoying the high life of the RPI.

Virginia Tech (40), Miami (41) and Boston College (49) lead the bubble watch with Maryland (68) squarely on the outside with Virginia (100), N.C. State (115) and Georgia Tech (157) — henceforth referred to as the ACC's "Three Bad Teams."

Before the Noles pop any champagne to celebrate their first NCAA appearance since 1998, take a look at that closing schedule.

Tonight's game against Virginia is the last against the TBT and should push the Noles to 6-3 in the ACC. Then there's the little matter of the other two wins.

At Wake (no), Miami (probably), at Virginia Tech (no), at Boston College (maybe), Clemson (maybe), at Duke (no), Virginia Tech (maybe).

That's three nos, three maybes and a probably. Can you see FSU's heart breaking yet? That's one maybe.

As for the bubble teams, the Hokies (40) are 5-3 in the ACC with two more dates with the TBT but home dates with Duke and UNC. Since VT couldn't beat Seton Hall or even anyone of any substance outside the ACC, it needs to upset a Blue to get to 9-7 and make sure the committee can't ignore them.

Miami (41) all but dotted the "i" in its bid until a 16-point meltdown cost the Canes back-to-back wins over Wake and Duke.

The good news for Miami, which is 4-6, is it finishes with TBT in succession. The bad news is it must beat either UNC (on Sunday in a potential letdown game for the Heels), win at FSU (unlikely) or at home to BC (probably).

Then there's BC (49), which has the trump card — a win over UNC — but 8-8 and a win at UNC isn't enough (ask Maryland). The Eagles, 6-4, close with two-thirds of the TBT which should get them to eight wins. But where will the ninth come from?


RPIACCtop 50
Wake Forest145-34-3


RPIACCtop 50
Virginia Tech405-33-5
Boston College496-42-5


RPIACCtop 50
N.C. State1152-61-9
Georgia Tech1571-81-5