Thursday, February 19, 2009

Duke's McClure out for St. John's

NEW YORK - Duke senior reserve forward Dave McClure will not play in Thursday night's nonconference game against St. John's at Madison Square Garden.

Team spokesman Matt Plizga said McClure made the trip but stayed back at the team hotel because of symptoms that resembled food poisoning.

The Blue Devils (20-5) are trying to stop a two-game losing streak.


Anonymous said...

Duke University - the most prestigious institution of higher learning south of the mason dixon line.

Duke University - The school with more wins and national championships in my lifetime (24 years) than any other school during that time.

Duke University - future home to the most winningest coach in all of mens ncaa basketball

Duke University - currently going through some growing pains, its okay Duke (or dook for those who cant spell) fans. We'll be back on top soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Growing pains? That's the first I've heard of that in regards to what duke's been going through for really the past three years.
Your team is really one of the more experienced teams in an era of one-and-dones. Two seniors, four juniors, two sophomores is probably the most experienced team outside of UNC.
The better explanation is K is getting the right recruits, and he's missing on the good ones. (And Ryan Kelly isn't the answer).

Anonymous said...

I meant to say K is not getting the right recruits....