Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hansbrough cleared to play vs. Wolfpack

CHAPEL HILL — If forward Tyler Hansbrough sustained a concussion Sunday at Miami, it was of the mildest form, North Carolina coach Roy Williams said on Tuesday. And he will play against N.C. State on Wednesday.

“We had him see a specialist today at the hospital,’’ Williams said. “He did not practice yesterday, he sat on the sideline, did not do one thing. The doctor from Miami told us he thought we should get him checked because there was a possibility that he had a concussion during the game. So he saw some people yesterday, took him today, took some tests … and [they] said if he had a concussion, it was the mildest form.

“Three different occasions during the game, he took a significant blow to the head. He had a headache, which guys have a lot of times during the game. He complained to me in the huddle, said he was having some blurred vision out of his left eye, thought it was his contacts. So they changed the contact, but he didn’t give any more information to make them believe anything other than getting your bell rung in the game until after the game. He didn’t tell Chris [Hirth, the team athletic trainer] he had a headache till after the game. Right now, he’s not going to do anything with any contact today, but everybody feel fine about him playing tomorrow night. He’ll go through the dummy stuff today, and I expect him to play. And he felt much better yesterday.”

-- Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

I really thought he might sit out after all his comments about how mean those big bad wolves are. But I guess Cryler is sucking it up!