Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lawson's a natural pickpocket

CHAPEL HILL — It's no surprise that point guard Ty Lawson leads North Carolina with 52 steals this season.

After all, he often practices his pickpocket approach on coach Roy Williams.

Ever since he was a freshman, the speedy ballhandler has made a habit of sneaking up on his coach, reaching into his pocket, and seeing if he can sneak off with a few bills.

Williams calls it one of Lawson's "Dennis the Menace" tendencies; Lawson simply smiles when he talks about it.

"I think the first time I did, I got $20 dollars off him,'' the junior said.

"I gave it back. But now he's smart; he puts it in his right pocket, and from time to time he'll put some money in his pocket, and I won't grab for it, and he'll go, 'I had $20 dollars in there.' I haven't done that too recent."

Asked if the action translates to the court, Lawson — whose team plays N.C. State tonight — grinned, again.

"He's too quick sometimes and he'll smack my hand back ... it's hand speed, just always working on my game,'' he quipped.

-- Robbi Pickeral

— Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

HAHA yea this doesnt make it look like UNC recruits thieves...if i was lawson and saw this article i would be pissed, im sure he has probably done this to a few people and not given the money back...thanks for the insight though on how low UNC will recruit.

On to the basketball though, hopefully State will pull out the big win tonight!!


Anonymous said...

just like when he stole those cell phones