Saturday, March 14, 2009

Duke has tall order against FSU

ATLANTA – Without an overnight growth spurt, there’s no way Duke can match Florida State’s size in the ACC final Sunday at the Georgia Dome.

“You guys can do that (grow) if you want,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said, teasing point guard Jon Scheyer and forward Dave McClure. “I’d be happy, Jon, if you’re 6-10, as long as you can still handle and shoot and you don’t get a big-guy disease.”

The challenge in the 1 p.m. final today will be vastly different from what No. 3 seed Duke faced in a 67-61 semifinal defeat of Maryland on Saturday at the Georgia Dome. Maryland doesn’t start anybody taller than 6-foot-7.

Florida State has 7-foot-1 center Solomon Alabi patrolling the lane along with 6-9 forwards Uche Echefu and Chris Singleton.

Duke’s tallest starters are Kyle Singler and Lance Thomas at 6-8. Scheyer, whose 22 points led the Blue Devils (27-6) over Maryland,

“It’s a different game where you need to know when to attack and be smart, because they do have a lot of shot blockers,” Scheyer said.

- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Yep nice column thats why duke killed fsu on the offensive boards and grabbed more overall rebounds

Anonymous said...

This artical should have read "FSU has tall order against FSU." Thanks Observer for the confidence.

Anonymous said...

I meant of course, FSU has tall order against Duke. GO, DUKE!!!

Senior moment.

Anonymous said...

If Henderson returns next year, everyone of value to Duke will be back, plus two 6-10 All-American freshman. Will the press label them the "Greatest Team of All Time" like they did to the Heels this year?