Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pick Two: Sunday's fourth round

South Regional

Oklahoma (2) vs. UNC (1)
@ Memphis
Time: 5:05

Sadly, I've been right about only two teams in this tournament — UNC and Michigan State. That can't bode well for either team today. I'm sticking with the Heels because they have better guards and they have tournament experience.

This is a huge test for Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel. If he is half as good as we think he is, he'll attack Tyler Hansbrough (like Kansas did) early on defense and run four to five different players at home on offense (I'm guessing he uses the "other" Griffin to keep the "great" Griffin out of foul trouble).

Two predictions:

1) Ed Davis' NBA stock goes through the roof with a defensive performance against Blake Griffin.

2) UNC wins this game and the national title. Pick: UNC

Midwest Regional

Michigan State (2) vs. Louisville (1)
@ Indianapolis
Time: 2:20

Picking against the Big East has worked so well this tournament. I'm the last person in the world not sold on Louisville. The Cards avoided just about every big road game in the Big East and have wins over Morehead State (16), Siena (9) and Arizona (12) in the tournament.

Rick Pitino's 9-0 in the Sweet 16 but has a history of choking (or losing epic games) in the Final Eight (1992, 1995, 2008).

Since Michigan State is other team I have been right about, I'm sticking with the Spartans. Pick: Michigan State

First round: 25-8. Second round: 13-3. Third round: 4-4. Fourth round: 0-2

-- J.P. Giglio