Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Davidson's season ends out west

Davidson's basketball season came to a disappointing end at St. Mary's College early Tuesday morning, the Wildcats falling not far from the San Francisco Bay as the clock ticked toward 2 a.m. back home.

The game was almost a microcosm of Davidson's frustrating final stretch, which saw the Wildcats lose five of their final 12 games after starting 20-3. All-American guard Stephen Curry finished with 26 points, but seemed to tire as the game progressed, and eventually shot less than 50 percent from the floor, making 11 of 27. He also had nine rebounds and six assists, but lost perhaps that many more assists when teammates could not convert, either outside or in the paint.

This was billed as a showdown between two great guards, Curry and the Gaels' Patty Mills. And while Mills was good with 23 points and 10 assists, he had considerably more help than Curry did. Most important was 6-foot-11, 265-pound center Omar Sanham, who overpowered the Wildcats inside, contributing 19 points and 10 rebounds.

Davidson finishes its season 27-8.

Now the big question is whether Curry, the catalyst on Davidson's run to the Elite Eight, will decide to return for his senior season next fall, or take the huge pile of first-round NBA bucks that are surely waiting. That's a discussion for another day, though; time to hit the rack.--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

I thought Davidson was mismatched tonight, but when you think of the time difference, miles traveled and the oponents home court, Davidson had some things against it from the start. They were still on Charlotte time, too, and it was time for bed! I hope Steph will stay and take Davidson to the NCAA next year. He needs his degree and his talent will not go away. His parents need to buy insurance on him, tho. It would be horrible if he got injured. Maybe they already have it! Now, if my Duke teams make it, I will be ok. GO, DUKE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's one old Davidsonian who hopes very much to see Stephen in red and black next fall. No, not the Bulls' unis, but those of his alma mater.

With all of his experience in the NBA, I'm betting Dell knows enough to advise his kid to stay right where he is. Mainly because he's still enough of a boy/man that the league would certainly have him for lunch, and spit out the pieces.

He needs another year to add muscle and bone, to sharpen his game even more and, with that preparation, to go the NBA only when there's no other choice.

Anonymous said...

Steph needs to leave. What's sounds more attractive next year: the NIT or the NBA?

MichaelProcton said...

Uhh...didn't they teach you at Davidson you can't "add bone?"

Anonymous said...

ADVICE FOR STEPH: Text your bro LeBron and remind him he hates Cleveland. Invite him to come to Davidson and play college ball for your senior year. You'd get a degree; he'd experience more fun, more learning, more W's than playing with the Cavaliers, and a trip to where he's never been, the Final Four.

Anonymous said...


When the doctors x-rayed Curry's ankle after his recent sprain, they found that he still had growth plates. That means that his long bones are still growing, thus putting on bone.

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