Monday, March 30, 2009

Final Four cheering guide for ACC fans

You're a fan of the other 11 ACC teams and your team is at home while UNC chases the national title at the Final Four.

Who should you root for at the Final Four?

Duke: Villanova
You always want to get knocked out by the champ, plus, there's the small, private school kinship.

And this is no time to be an ABCer. You really don't want UNC to win but let's think of the alternative. If UConn wins, Jim Calhoun would have three titles, just like Mike Krzyzewski.

Right now, Coach K can claim coaching supremacy over Calhoun, despite the Final Four losses in 1999 and 2004, but if Calhoun equals K's title collection, that would be a tough argument to make.

N.C. State: Michigan State
Land grants unite!

Wake Forest: Michigan State
Right now, you're desperate for good coaching so you take the best one still in the dance.

Georgia Tech: ABC
Anybody but Connecticut. Never forget the '04 title game.

Virginia: UNC
The Heels were kind enough to end Jeff Capel's season, and perhaps, expedite his arrival in Hooville.

Clemson, Florida State, Maryland: UNC
Conference pride!

Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College: UConn or Villanova
Conference pride!

-- J.P. Giglio