Monday, March 23, 2009

Costner, Ferguson leaving N.C. State

Brandon Costner, N.C. State's leading scorer this season, will not return to the basketball team for the 2009-10 season, N.C. State announced Monday. Reserve guard Trevor Ferguson will also forego his final season of eligibility.

Costner, a fourth-year junior, will graduate in May and go through the NBA Draft process. The forward averaged 13.3 points and 6.0 rebounds in 30 starts this past season.

"... I just feel like it is time to move on and pursue my dreams of playing professionally," Costner said in a statement released by the school.

State will also free up another scholarship with Ferguson's decision. Ferguson, a reserve guard, will earn his degree in the summer and move on with life, according to a statement provided by N.C. State on its web site.

Ferguson, a junior who started his career at Pittsburgh in 2005, appeared in 19 games, with eight starts, and averaged 5.5 points per game. -- J.P. Giglio


Graham said...

What has happened to that program? It seemed like they were on the right track, with their ACC championship game appearance a couple years ago. I initially chalked up their regression to divisiveness caused by J.J. Hickson, but this Costner news is more troubling, as he was there before Hickson and seemed to be a leader. I can't imagine that he is so deluded to think that he is a first-round pick.

eddie704 said...

What happened to the program is we're in a transition from the Sendek era. Sendek's players never really fit into what Sidney Lowe was trying to do, which was be more uptempo NBA offense rather than Sendek's traditional "weave & heave". I enjoyed Costner's time at State, but am looking forward to a fresh start next year for Sid and am excited about what we have coming back. Go Pack!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this is probably for the best for the program. I loved Costner and he has made vast improvements, but Eddie is right, he was a leftover from Sendek. I am proud of him for stepping up to be a leader this year. If he is graduating in May anyways, I think it's perfectly normal for him to take the next step. And if he's graduating, how is he a fourth year junior? Your class status is based on credit hours. You can't graduate when you're a junior... Totally confused.
I also assume Ferguson leaving has much to do with whatever reason it is that he sat on the bench for the end of the season. It was first reported that he was benched for breaching team academic policy. Any word on why he didn't play again after that?