Sunday, March 15, 2009

ACC likely to send 7 teams to NCAA

North Carolina. Duke. Wake Forest. Florida State. Clemson. Boston College. Maryland.

That's seven -- again.

The ACC only had four teams in the NCAA Tournament last year, a year after tying a record-high with seven, but it looks like the league will get seven bids tonight.

Maryland, Miami and Virginia Tech were the league's bubble teams coming into the tournament, with Boston College possibly at risk as well.

BC trounced Virginia and gave Duke a battle Friday night, which should be enough. Virginia Tech needed to beat North Carolina but didn't, which should make the Hokies one of the last few teams out again this year. Miami needed a couple wins, but didn't get any. And if Maryland wasn't in already, the wins over N.C. State and Wake Forest should ensure it.

"It changes hour-to-hour, who's on the bubble," Maryland coach Gary Williams said. "I like what we've done in the best conference in the country, in terms of the RPI. We came in here as the No. 7 seed and didn't do anything to hurt that. Hopefully that will help us."

Not that everyone would be happy with even seven bids, anyway. If there's one constant at the ACC Tournament, it's that everyone deserves to go. Duke's Mike Krzyzewski made the league's case after Saturday's win over Maryland.

"I love the Big Ten, but I can't believe people are saying seven or eight teams (from the Big Ten) and they're not saying nine or 10 teams from our conference," Krzyzewski said. "In our conference, count how many teams have been ranked in the top 10. There are four in the top 10 at some time, and three of them have been No. 1. The Big East has that, but no other conference does.

"Maryland has played seven games against teams ranked No. 1 at some point this year. No one has played that kind of schedule. They're 20-13 and five of those 13 losses have come to the No. 1 team in the country at some point in the year. …

"Virginia Tech's record goes right up against anyone from the major conferences. It just does. This has been out best league in this decade, player-wise and team-wise. There is no easy out in this league. Georgia Tech showed that by how they played in this tournament."

The real news may be the seedings. North Carolina is a No. 1 seed; Duke could possibly grab a No. 1 seed with a big win over Florida State and the Seminoles may be in line for a No. 3 seed after Wake Forest's flameout. -- Luke DeCock, (Raleigh) News & Observer


Anonymous said...

Duke will not be a #1 seed...

Anonymous said...

Hell has frozen over. I agree with Coach K.