Friday, March 2, 2007

Scattered NCAA tournament thoughts

With just over a week left until Selection Sunday, a few random NCAA tournament thoughts:

  • Rarely have the possibilities for the No. 1 seeds been so uncertain this close to the tournament. Put UCLA and Ohio State on the top lines - in pen - but you'll have to use a pencil if you're thinking about these other candidates - Kansas, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh or Memphis.

  • Two teams your team doesn't want to face in the tournament: Texas A&M, because of the Aggies' suffocating defense, and Maryland, because the Terps are hot and they have a team composed of veteran players who will be glad to be back in the tournament after two years away.

  • We hear a lot about prominent teams that have gone into late-season swoons -- notably North Carolina and Florida. But what about Oregon? The Ducks were 18-1 and ranked 10th after beating California 92-84 on Jan. 20. Since then, the Ducks have gone 4-6. Not exactly a Clemson-like collapse, but cause for concern in Eugene. Oregon has bounced back, winning two straight, including a 64-59 victory against Washington State on Feb. 22.

  • Aren't student fans diminishing their team's accomplishment by chanting "Overrated" to the opposition? That's what Tennessee's fans did in an upset against Florida and Georgia Tech's did against North Carolina.

-David Scott