Friday, March 16, 2007

Adult commercials shouldn't be aired

- During a break in the action, CBS was promoting one of its upcoming shows. Actor David Spade’s character said he was dating a woman who was obsessed with sex, which was perfect for him, because he does not like a challenge. This aired at 8:11 p.m. Friday. Shame on CBS for airing such adult material during a program that’s supposed to be family material at an hour when small children might not be in bed. Shame on the NCAA for not insisting on higher standards for the programming that airs along with its broadcasts.

- No. 11 seeds are going to be almost as coveted as No. 1 seeds in the NCAA tournament. No. 11 seeds Winthrop (over Notre Dame) and Virginia Commonwealth (over Duke) defeated No. 6 seeds in first-round games, and George Mason reached the Final Four as a No. 11 seed last season.

- No. 14 seed Miami of Ohio’s effort against No. 3 seed Oregon should be encouraging for Winthrop, which plays Oregon on Sunday. Oregon edged Miami 58-56. And it says here that Winthrop is at least three points better than Miami.

- Virginia’s J.R. Reynolds, who has been bothered by a sore hip late in the season, scored 28 points in a first-round victory over Albany. If Reynolds bounces back from his injury, it won’t be easy to bounce the Cavaliers from the tournament. Reynolds and Sean Singletary might be the nation’s best guard tandem when they are healthy.

- Georgia Tech’s first-round loss to Nevada-Las Vegas was no surprise. The Yellow Jackets were 1-8 on the road this season, and their two top scorers, Javaris Crittenton and Thaddeus Young, are freshmen.

- Boston College forward Jared Dudley, a confessed North Carolina fan who said he grew up hating Duke, offered his assessment Friday of why the Blue Devils were bounced from the tournament by Virginia Commonwealth. He said Duke matched up poorly with VCU’s quick guards. "They just struggled with guard penetration and keeping people out front," Dudley said. – Ken Tysiac


Leslie Moonves said...

I agree totally about the inappropriate ads -- not only ads for CBS shows, but also Hollywood films and violent video games. There was an ad on today during the Winthrop game for some show called Without A Trace that was unbelievably 3:30 in the afternoon! I guess if you have kids with you watching games these days you better have a quick-trigger finger for the mute button and/or the Weather Channel. Pathetic.

libertarian said...

Leslie Moonves
What upset me about the Without a Trace ad was that it focused almost exclusively on a under 18 year old actress stripping naked, and that ran all day in every game.

People solve more problems than government
Government is the problem, NOT THE SOLUTION!

JAT said...

Ken and all:

On the PG-13 ads during what should be all-ages basketball -- we need to write Waxhaw's own Kevin Martin -- FCC Commish -- abuot this.

I noticed it got really bad a couple years ago when all the CSI shows started up -- now it is just wall-to-wall crap during the ad breaks.

Bring back the beer, pick-up, and insurance ads!

Wait. We still got those too.....and insanely long TV time outs.

CBS-NCAA is gonna kill this tourney yet.......

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're using a sports column to talk about your agenda on TV content. Way to go...


lsg said...

great point about the inappropriate ads. do you only publish opinions like this on the web, or is there a chance it could run in your paper beside a porn shop or strip club ad?

ah, sweet finger-pointing hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that some ad about war would be acceptable. Keep your opinions(except about sports), off this blog. I can teach my kid's about morality, thank you very much

WB said...
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WB said...

Don't read the f'ing blog if you don't like what they are writing. Better yet, get your own f'ing blog.

By the way, anonymous, the word "kids" is plural, not possessive. No apostrophe is necessary. It's called grammar...look it up.