Thursday, March 8, 2007

Duke makes early exit

Strange to think, before the first day of this ACC tournament is over, that Duke is already gone.

Not literally. The Blue Devils still have to shower, go back to the hotel and rebook their charter for Friday morning.

But, wow, Miami is staying. Duke is going. N.C. State is staying. Duke is going. Florida State is staying. Duke is going.

That's Clemson's traditional role.
The Blue Devils had won seven of the last eight ACC tournaments. They were as automatic as Mike Krzyzewski commericials at tournament time.
But this is not a superior Duke team. It has trouble scoring and, if other Duke teams have been artistic, this one does grunt work.

There's reason to believe the Blue Devils will be fire-breathers again next year if recruiting chatter is close to accurate. But Duke doesn't play for next season. The Blue Devils play for now, for March, for cutting down nets.
But not this week. -- Ron Green Jr.