Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UNC team bus in minor crash

North Carolina’s players and coaches escaped injury Wednesday when the team bus was involved in a car wreck on the way to the team’s shoot-around practice in preparation for a 9 p.m. game at Clemson, a team spokesman said.

Matt Bowers, associate athletics communications director for North Carolina, said a car hit the bus in the parking lot outside Littlejohn Coliseum. Bowers said the female driver of the car wasn’t injured. There were some minor scrapes on the bus, but the woman’s car sustained significant damage. The crash slightly delayed the Tar Heels’ arrival at Littlejohn for the shoot-around.

On his Twitter page, North Carolina freshman forward John Henson had a sense of humor about the crash. “Wow on the way too shootaround and car spears us coincidence .......I think not lol,” Henson tweeted.

-- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

That crash - CLEMSON.

How does 6 All Americans lose to a team of average?

Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Whew!!! The Carolina fans were spared and given and excuse as to why they got their butts handed to them by Clemson. The bus wreck must have had something to do with the butt whipping. Right Hole fans....???? Let's hear the excuse. I can't wait. It had nothing to do with Clemson out hussled you, out shot you, out played you and out coached you. Nahh! Had to be to bus wreck.

Anonymous said...

Clemson was the better team. It's about time considering they had lost 6 straight to the Heels. No excuses douche bag.

By the way 11:29pm, the correct grammar is "How DO 6 All Americans lose to a team of average?" Talk about that high quality Klempsun education. Also, way to sell your team short, calling them "average." They looked better than average to me.