Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hansbrough record, by the numbers

CHAPEL HILL — So, the two most important numbers for North Carolina fans today are obvious: 2,290 (Phil Ford's current career scoring mark), and nine (the number of points Tyler Hansbrough needs to pass that mark).

But here are some other interesting Hansbrough-related digits, provided by UNC, as Hansbrough and the Tar Heels prepare to play Evansville:

* 3 — favorite bucket he's ever made, against Duke his freshman year

* 1,075 — points scored at the Smith Center

* 26.9 — UNC's career record for points per game average, held by Lennie Rosenbluth, which Hansbrough agrees will probably never be surpassed

* 6 — single-digit games

* 6 — games of 30 or more points

* 141 — points scored against N.C. State, his highest total against any team

* 127 — points scored against Duke, second-most

* 58 — points in two games against Michigan State, his most against a non-ACC foe

* 40 — career high, against Georgia Tech on Feb. 16, 2006

— Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's supposed to happen tonight with Hansbrough? Is there something special going on? I haven't seen ANY blogs about it in the last week at all.
In all seriousness, good luck to him. But can we make it the rest of the day without having to read the same thing over and over?

Anonymous said...

I am with you, man. Sick of this Hansbrough.

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YEah, i agree to you bro!