Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Curry closes on Gerdy, Davidson scoring mark

John Gerdy's time is coming to an end.

Gerdy, still the best pure shooter I ever saw, is Davidson's all-time leading scorer with 2,483 points. He graduated in 1979, and hasn't been challenged since. But Stephen Curry is running him down, shot by shot.

With 287 points this season, Curry is up to 1,948, a pace that will lift him past Gerdy in a game with Furman on Valentine's Day, 17 games from now.

He's currently fourth, and should zip past Derek Rucker (1984-88), who is four points ahead of him, in the Wildcats' next game, Saturday in Indianapolis against Purdue.

After that, Fred Hetzel (1962-65), an agile 6-foot-8 center who helped Lefty Driesell build Davidson into a national power, awaits, at 2,032 points.

Then comes Gerdy.

If you don't remember John Gerdy, he was a 6-4 guard who could score from anywhere and, much like Curry, could get open against anyone. Until now, he has been a fitting and deserving all-time leading scorer for the school.

But now the school has Stephen Curry.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

Davidson's next game is Purdue, not College of Charleston.

stanolson said...

You are exactly right; Purdue, dang it...

Anonymous said...

How many shots did Gerdy take compared to Curry?

stanolson said...

Gerdy made 1,052 FG in 2057 attempts, a .511 percentage. So far, Curry is 650 for 1,359, a pct. of .478. Both are remarkable in their ability to carry a team, but Curry, obviously, has had much better team success...