Friday, December 12, 2008

Curry scoring 36.4 percent of Davidson's points

Davidson's Stephen Curry is scoring 36.4 percent of his team's points, which suggests he's playing keep-away from opponents and teammates alike. But he's also averaging 6.9 assists.

Sometimes it appears that Davidson guard Stephen Curry IS the Wildcats' offense, and the numbers back that up.

Curry has taken almost a third of Davidson's shots so far this season (31.3 percent) and is making more than a third of the team's field goals (34.5 percent). Those numbers would be even higher but for a fluke game against Loyola of Maryland, which used two players to guard him the entire game. He took only three shots and didn't score, but his team won by 30.

Throw that one out (and it deserves to be thrown as far away as possible) and Curry's percentages rise to 33.2 percent of the team's shots taken and 37.7 percent of its field goals.

And because Curry shoots a large number of threes and free throws, his percentage of Davidson's points scored is higher still at 36.4. Again, throw out Loyola and that rises to 41.2 percent.

For comparison, Kyle Singler, Duke's leading scorer, has taken 20.3 percent of the Blue Devils' shots. He's scoring 20.6 percent of Duke's points.

Last season's national player of the year, North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough, made 24 percent of the Tar Heels' field goals. But because he also made numerous free throws, he scored 25.5 percent of his team's points.

Since Curry as point guard also distributes the ball -- 55 of a team total of 125 assists -- Davidson fans can only hope he doesn't simply wear out.

No sign of that so far; he's averaging 30.8 points and 6.9 assists a game.

--Stan Olson


Jarhead said...

Gee... imagine how many points Hansbrough would score if he jacked up over a third of the Tar Heels shots. Stats like this prove exactly why Curry is overrated. Good, but overrated. Tywon Lawson could easily average Curry-like numbers or better at Davidson with those type of shot attempts.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead, and everyone else who always brings up similar 'questions'......there are not many players in college basketball, or the NBA for that matter, who can handle shooting that much for a given team. Most players aren't savy enough to shoot that much, and handle it enough, and do so in a manner that doesn't dismantle the offense. Much less win games vs. more talented opponents.

Davidson is better and able to win because Curry CAN handle the load that much. Hansborough is just as great, if not more of a talent, but I question whether an offense could still flow if he handled that much of a direct offensive load.

DrFrankLives said...

A slong as he is sinking the high percentage he is, the criticism that he "shoots too much" is stupid. If he shot that much and DIDN'T make it, THAT would be a problem.

Granted, it would be nice if another scoring option stepped up, and they will as we take on the conference.

The guy makes the shots.

Jarhead, it would truly be remarkable if someone could put up Curry like numbers without "those type of shot attempts" since to score a basket you have to actually take a shot. If Ty Lawson discovers how to score without shooting, then I will concede he is the greatest guard in college ball.

Until then, I'll take the clutch kid from Davidson.

Anonymous said...

Put #4 Aaron Bond in...Enough Said!!!